How To Promote ClickBank Products On YouTube For Free


The Steps For How To Promote ClickBank Products On YouTube For Free

Are you wondering how to promote ClickBank products on YouTube? Today I will tell you what you need to make this work for you so that you can earn more passive income online. See below.

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Earn Money With ClickBank

Do you want to earn money without a blog or an internet website? Do you want to connect with traffic that is free?

Learn to earn money online and how to promote Clickbank merchandise in this article.

Think about this, YouTube is the world largest search engine.

Millions of consumers are using YouTube for a variety of functions.

Many are currently spending their time for learning, some are there for entertainment, and there are some for company development.

So it’s a chance on YouTube to market any product, service and provides to earn money online.

The Way To Earn Money With YouTube and Clickbank

Clickbank is a world top marketplace where you earn money from affiliate marketing and find thousands of top-rated products for affiliate marketing.

You do not need a website, you do not need domain & hosting fees, you do not need to manage website security etc.

So you can begin boosting your Clickbank earnings from affiliate items free.

To begin, sign up for ClickBank and register for an affiliate account.

The Best Way To Start Promoting Clickbank Product on YouTube is explained in the 3 steps below.


Step-1: Product Choice

You have to select some best-selling products market.

You may see thousands of products on the market, but I suggest you choose from these three classes – make recipes, health & fitness, wealth & money.

These three topics are hot all.

After selecting your affiliate product now you’ve to discover targeted keywords for YouTube video.

Step-2: Find Targeted Keywords

Finding a great keyword is the key to promote any affiliate items on Google and YouTube.

Suppose, you created a money-making a related tutorial video and towards the end of the video you tell them to buy the complete secret tutorial with Clickbank affiliate merchandise.

First, you’ve to go on YouTube and search for basic keywords and enter space.

Now YouTube will supply you with lots of keywords suggestions for video.

Alternatively, suppose you’ve chosen a fat loss related product, you can enter how to shed weight, best diet to shed weight, best weight reduction diet plans etc.

These all are super targeted keywords.

Individuals who are facing weight problems, search on YouTube for the above terms.

So think about clients problems and you’ll get keyword ideas popping up in no time.

So you should try to attempt to make it easy.

Once you got a few targeted keywords from YouTube search suggestions, currently you need to create your long tail title.

For doing that, go to and type your keyword, they will give you a lot of long tail keywords.

Choose one of them as a final keyword for the video title.

And also pick 8-10 relevant keywords for tags which will be necessary during uploading video.

After choosing a targeted keyword, you’ve got to optimize it on YouTube with the video title, keywords, descriptions, and tags.

Before doing that you’ve to create a promotional video for Clickbank merchandise (see below).


Step-3: Create a Promotional Video

To create a top-quality promotional video you may create yourself with different software like video maker fx, easy sketch pro etc.

You will also need some tools such as a camera, lighting or microphone suitable for YouTube & podcasts.

This is the creative part that is up to you.

If you are a newbie consider the three options below to create your video:

  1. Presentation style writing on-screen (no camera)
  2. Camera style with you talking
  3. Outsource video creation

The type of video you make will depend on your personality and experience.

Additionally, you will need to think about the length of your video and it’s a good idea to keep it short and engaging while providing key information that the viewer will want.

Always remember to upload a new video every day if you want to promote products for free using this method.

Finally, I hope this helps you learn more about how to promote ClickBank products on YouTube.


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