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ClickBank Guide: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Strategies And Tips

Here is a free ClickBank Guide that includes a short video and access to free training with more information for you. ClickBank Affiliate marketing is without a doubt a proven way to make money online and it works for me every day. This is based on my personal experience.

However, the sad reality is that only a very small proportion of affiliate marketers ever find real success or become super affiliates.

The majority of people who get into ClickBank affiliate marketing attempt advertising one or two affiliate products and when they find their campaigns aren’t profitable they give up and think that affiliate marketing isn’t legitimate.

The truth is that there are many legitimate affiliate marketing programs and ClickBank can be one of the best places to begin.

However, be warned you will face significant competition because of most affiliate marketers both new and professional use ClickBank affiliate products.

Don’t let this scare you away as there are excellent gains to be made selling digital products.

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ClickBank Guide: Advantages

The web is the best place to sell digital products and remember that one of the advantages of selling digital products is that they are available immediately after purchase that offers instant gratification for potential clients.

We are living in the information age, and people know the value of good quality information, and they’ll pay for it given the ideal offer.

Here is a ClickBank Guide with some strategies you can use to market ClickBank products:


  • First, you need to decide how you intend to send visitors to your affiliate pages.

You can opt for paid advertising like Facebook, Google AdWords or other pay per click sources and you can focus on creating content-rich authority sites with affiliate advertising embedded inside them.

It may be best to use both strategies.

One of the keys with pay per click advertising is the essence of the traffic you are sending to your affiliate pages.

It’s critical that you send highly targeted visitors otherwise your conversion rates will not be good enough to cover your advertising expenses.

With Clickbank products, it should be okay to bid on the item name since they are usually not copyrighted and the product creators don’t mind since they know you are sending them traffic and sales.

The advantage of bidding on the item name is that the traffic is already pre-sold on the product hence conversion rates will be on average much better.


  • It is also very important to pick proven products which are of good quality.

Make sure the gravity of the products you select are over 10. This means that other affiliates have earned an income from it recently.

Also, have a look at the sales page to make sure it is convincing and contains the elements of a high converting sales pitch.


  • It is also a good idea to create different landing pages for every affiliate product.

It is possible to create a review page style landing page which highlights the advantages of the product you are promoting.

Also, many pay per click providers only want unique landing pages, so this is just another reason to create a separate landing page.

Also don’t be afraid to bid high on product name based keywords and variations.

Expect to pay at least 50 cents a click since the majority of the time there’ll be great competition for these terms however the yields can make it worth the price tag.


Here Are the Best Training Steps on How To Do a Clickbank Product Review:

  1. Go to website ClickBank and register as an affiliate
  2. Browse on the Category list to select your products
  3. Ensure that you sort the Clickbank results by gravity (this means it has a higher rating if it is nearer the top)
  4. Below is a photo showing an example of where to find different information on the Clickbank Marketplace list:

    ClickBank Guide
  5. Click “Promote” to open the pop-up that generates your unique hoplink (affiliate link).
  6. Read these 2 examples of reviews we have done previously so you can see how it works:
    Review Of Appcoiner
    Review Of Five Minute Profit Sites
  7. Post your new blog post under a new category such as “Entrepreneur”. Check it before you publish it
  8. Insert 1 or 2 photos and fill in the review box section if you have that on your website template
  9. Click the URL link for the Affiliate Page for more resources that you can use. The page is provided by the company and you can use that for more ideas and marketing methods.
  10. Watch the video below for a demonstration on how to choose the best affiliate products on ClickBank:


ClickBank Tools

It’s important to keep a close watch on new products that come out on ClickBank as most of them can become popular fast.

So if you’re able to get your ad up quickly, then you can often attract clicks for a very low cost.

There are many tools, and paid apps you can use that will notify you of new products, or you could use the ClickBank search function to look for new products that get started each week.

Use some of the affiliate marketing tips in this ClickBank Guide to help you make more money from the internet and grow your own part-time business.


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