Can You Make Money Blogging?

Did you ask yourself, ‘Can you make money blogging for real?’

Or are you wondering how the new generation of entrepreneurs get rich quick by tapping away on their laptops and clicking a mouse a few times?

Check out this cheat sheet with tips on how to get income from your blog in no time.


Can You Make Money Blogging For Real

Blogging is a fantastic hobby to have, not only can you express your own views with blogs, but you might also produce a profitable amount of money with blogs.

Meanwhile, a lot of people think that the only way they could earn money from blogs is to market or sell goods.

Certainly, that’s easily the most lucrative way to use blogs.

But for individuals who which don’t wish to sell anything you could earn money selling ad space or publishing sponsored posts.

By placing advertisements on your site you can earn money without needing to sell anything to anyone.

All you need to do so is find an organization which pays advertisers and become an affiliate.

Alternatively, you can benefit from other writers contacting you via your website to pay you for sponsored posts and guest posts.

However, with all the blogs there are already on the world wide web, added in with the thousands of sites that are made daily if you want to create any real money selling advertisement space you need to distinguish yourself from the pack.


Methods To Make Money Blogging

You may do that by becoming part of marketing networks. Here are 4 examples:

1) Admedia: Admedia offers a wide selection of advertising options to bloggers such as text advertisements, web banners, video ads, full-page ads as well as in-line ads.

You may choose on what sort of advertisement is most appropriate for your blog.


2) Google AdWords:  Google AdWords is the original option. This advertisement network offers you lots of freedom.

From choosing specific advertisements you want to show on your website, to the visual appearance of the advertisements.


3) AdNow: AdNow is an ad network to set up native ads that work in addition to Google AdWords.

What I like about this advertising platform is that they monetize traffic from around the world.

So as your own blog traffic increases globally you can receive more money in return.

I am an affiliate for AdNow and you can register for free by clicking here.


4) Chitika: Chitika is another option popular amongst successful bloggers.

They also offer different advertising options to select from.



If you do not want to promote affiliate items or sell your very own products online you are able to try use the networks noted above to allow you to blog profitably.

In conclusion, I hope this provides a clear answer on the question, ‘Can you make money blogging?’

If you are intelligent, dedicated and interested in basic writing you can earn a decent income from blogging.

Despite this, it does take some time and patience before your website is indexed by Google.

So don’t give up. Stick to your plan.

As a result, when your website and blog posts do receive more web visitors and organic traffic you’ll feel certain your blogging career is worth it.

This is because you will experience something extraordinary when it comes to making money online.

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