Hottest Save Spare Change Apps

Save Spare Change Apps

Here are my top 7 picks for save spare change apps in 2019. Check out the information below, you’re going to love it.


1) Acorns


This is one of the most popular applications for saving up that change.

Acorns connects to your credit card and each purchase equals the nearest dollar.

The necessary difference is taken from your checking account.

The accounts are automatically managed in exchange-traded funds or ETFs, which helps you grow your money quickly.

There are a number of retail partners (Jet, Airbnb and Hulu) that will return your money directly to your Acorns account, which will help you save more in the process.



2) Coinflash


This is like Acorns in terms of functionality, although it uses a slightly different method to collect your spare change.

Coinflash uses a Coinbase account and invests in the crypto you choose.

You can choose Ethereum or Bitcoin, it’s up to you.

You can make weekly or monthly investments.

The service reads your transaction data only when it offers the credit card information, which will then be kept for two months before being destroyed.



3) Stash


This is another app that shares some of the same characteristics to the others.

You can automatically withdraw a default cash option from your account at pre-set intervals.

The funds will increase depending on the investment, and it is quite convenient in general.

There is a set of portfolios that they describe.

These portfolios will help you decide on the funds you buy.

This investment needs only an initial investment of $5, and brokers need an investment of $1000 or more.

The company is even offering $5 to new customers who want to try the application.



4) Qoins


This is a slightly different method to the other previously mentioned apps.

Their motto is to use the everyday spare change to conquer debt.

Essentially, the currencies take the additional change from costs and pay debts with it.

It’s that easy.

This option is particularly useful if you have outstanding loans with higher interest rates.

It is always prudent to pay your debts more often to avoid interest.

If you usually stay until the due date to pay off the loans, Qoins will do all the work for you behind the scenes.

The amount paid will not be too big because it is rounding up your spare change to go toward the debt payments.



5) Debitize


This is probably the most innovative of all since it fundamentally changes your credit card in a debit card.

Once you make a payment with your credit card, Debitize will use the linked bank account to pay that charge.

This means that you will not have to pay the full amount at the same time you pay for each payment.

This could be like an application for debit card users to join the idea of credit cards.

Thanks to this application, you will not have to worry about charges for late payments or other overpayments associated with late payments.

Unfortunately, there is only one iOS application in Debitize without any Android application currently available.

However, the good news is that Android users can use the web version of the service.


6) Revolut


Another great recommendation for save spare change apps is Revolut.

I discovered Revolut when I was looking for a prepaid card to save on currency exchange when travelling the world.

The good thing is they also have a feature built-in to save your spare change.

You can sign up for free and they post your card to you for free within a few days.


7) Wealthify


Another great option I had to add is Wealthify, available as an Android app or via their website.

Technically, Wealthify does not have a spare change round-up feature at the moment.

But I think it’s a worthwhile app to check it out if you live in the UK and you want to invest up to £20,000 on stocks and shares without paying tax on the winnings.


In summary, you can search for these save spare change apps on the Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store. Most of which you can download for free and register.


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