Free Grants for African American Students

Despite significant improvements, African Americans are still underrepresented on college campuses. The agencies and private organizations listed below are among those committed to providing financial support to deserving students.  And their families to take the next step in their education. So in this article, we will discuss free grants for African American students.

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Free Grants for African American Students

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Free Grants For African American Students:

United Black University Fund

The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is the oldest organization in the United States. Dedicated exclusively to the educational advancement of African Americans.

The organization stands as one of the most important supporters of African Americans. Who pursue their goals of higher education. The UNCF not only awards many grants scholarships and scholarships directly to black college students.  But also provides generous funding to the many historically black colleges.  And universities serving African American students at all levels.

Smithsonian Institution James E. Webb Internship

Internships are offered to minority and senior undergraduate and graduate students in Business and Public Administration.  And diversity in the management of non-profit scientific and cultural institutions. Each internship lasts 10 weeks and has a stipend of $ 550 per week. Travel assignments can be provided.

Significant opportunities in the Atmospheric Science and Research Program (SOARS)

The SOARS program was developed to promote diversity in atmospheric science. SOARS Protégés spends summers in national DOE, NASA.  Or NOAA laboratories to name just a few of the agencies and participate in ongoing research projects that can lead to published work. They work with long-term mentors and benefit from accredited scientists and professionals.

Selected candidates must:

  • Completed with two years of university
  • At least one semester from college left after initial summer program
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Declaration declared important in atmospheric science or a related field such as geoscience, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, engineering, environmental science, mathematics, meteorology, oceanography, physics, or social science
  • Plan to pursue a career in atmospheric science or related science
  • Become a U.S. citizen or have permanent resident status


Ron Brown Academic Program

The Ron Brown Scholarship Program seeks to identify African American high school seniors who will make a significant contribution to society. Applicants must excel in academia, demonstrate exceptional leadership potential, participate in community service activities, and demonstrate financial need. All applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. Applicants must submit an application, two essays, two letters of recommendation, a high school transcript, and a list of honors and activities.


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