How To Save Money As a Teenager

How to Save Money as a Teenager: Fifteen Ideas!

Here is the low-down with 15 ideas on how to save money as a teenager with some easy to implement ideas for you. Try your favourite ones today.

1. Save $ 1 more each day

On the first day of your part-time job, save $1. Then, every day later, just one more dollar. After two months, you’ll have up to a thousand dollars safe!

2. Save a side hustle

If you have two jobs, establish a deposit directly in your savings account for one of your job payments. This way, you will never see the money, which makes it easier to forget it and save it until you need it.

3. Create content

What do you find fun? What are you passionate about? Start a YouTube channel or blog showing your skills or interests. It can be anything from gaming, niche toys to singing (check with your parents first). When you build a following you can monetize with Google AdWords.

4. Download apps

Yes, that’s right you can download apps that help you to save by rounding up spare change. It might not sound like a lot but that extra 50 cents from a Starbucks coffee every week can really start adding up. Later on, you can learn about investing.

5. Give your opinion

If you always tell your friends what’s hot (or not), talk and pay! Join a focus group at They will send you a new product, such as a snack mix or nail polish, and they will ask you basic questions. It’s very easy, and you receive $50 – $300 for 3 to 8 hours of your time.

6. Become a personal assistant

Get payments to help busy professionals who have vital tasks like walking their dogs. Post brochures, offer neighbours assistance or get personal assistant jobs at (you will need an email address from university). You can build your own brand and design a logo and print sticker labels to promote your own side hustle. 

7. Put ads on your car

If you’re blessed with your own set of wheels this car advertising idea can work for you too. Recover your money from gasoline by using your car as a moving billboard! launches stickers for you from the sponsors: a small sticker earns $50 a month and the ads total $400 for the full car! Ignore your friends’ opinions and get easy cash coming in every month.

8. Sell ​​your skills

Think about it, you have a great idea, but are not you ready to launch a full company yourself? Get advanced on, where you can charge between $5 and $500 for specialized talents, such as designing jewellery or creating a Facebook company page. The site sends you an email when someone wants your product. 

9. Be a tutor

There are plenty of online tutoring sites. How to save money as a teenager is possible if you become a younger child’s instructor for school subjects and advanced tests. Tutoring is done by email or Skype, and you will   $18 to $48 per session. The more time you will have to earn.

10. Be smart with your ATM card

Some people think they have no money, but then you go to the ATM several times. This could charge more than $150 in charges from your bank accounts or it ends up going on unnecessary items. Plan trips once a week at your regular bank.

11. Get a prepaid card

You can avoid overdraft fees altogether. Banks charge up to $35 if you take more money than allowed). You can use the Spend Smart MasterCard prepaid card. Your parents load it and you can check your balance by text.

12. Save with your student identity

This embarrassing photo card is not only good during school hours, but it is also displayed by J. Crew, Charlotte Russe and Urban Outfitters, and you could get 10% or more of your purchase.

13. Get great values

If you are going to use the credit, choose a rewarding card, such as Liberty BankAmerica or Chase. (Under 21? Cosign with mom and dad). You can earn 1 to 10 percent, so ask your parents to make important purchases when the new MacBook goes to school in your account. These types of cards give you points back. 

14. Take surveys on your receipts

Customer satisfaction surveys are pretty boring, but if you complete a quick online survey for your favourite store (usually the link is at the bottom of your receipt), you can get real discounts. Victoria’s Secret gives $10 to $ 50 on selected receipts and offers 15 percent express each time you fill one.

15. Sell ​​your old clothes

it’s easy to convert money last year to change quickly if you know how to make them incredible! Take your photos with a smooth background so that the buyer concentrates directly on the incredible article, and includes compact photos that accompany data such as labels, buttons and buttons. Try, and for more fashionable e-commerce exchanges!

As a final note, I hope you have enjoyed today’s list of how to save money as a teenager with a focus on how to create ideas for new money.

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