Best Spare Change Investment Apps

Best Spare Change Investment Apps

This is a juicy article all about the best spare change investment apps. Check out the top 8 recommendations below.

1) Acorns

This is a very popular choice for the best spare change investment apps.

Acorns allow you a unique way to save your goals by rounding up the purchases of your debit and credit cards to the next dollar amount.

Then, the application reverses the “additional change” based on the options you have established (you can choose the settings first).

After that, the money is diverted to an investment portfolio that combines risk with your comfort level.

Logan Allec, CPA and the owner of Money Done Right, says that it is a “simple and easy investment applications for young people in ways that are not traditional brokerage accounts.”

Acorns, in particular, can work very well for younger workers with higher levels of debt. Allec explains: “It could be unrealistic to ask a 25-year-old to earn $ 40,000 a year with a student loan debt of $ 32,000 to bring an additional $100 to a traditional brokerage account. But can you invest the remaining extra change to invest your morning coffee? Yes, and that is why he is an investor in the stock market without even trying. ”


2) Betterment

One of the best resources for those who want to take advantage of financial technology is a consultant or online advisor.

Betterment is like an online advisor whose objective is to avoid barriers to investment. This is another great suggestion for the  best spare change investment apps although it is an online platform.

Whether you believe you do not have the knowledge, time or resources to invest, Betterment helps eliminate common investment myths.

The improvement focuses on investment based on the objective.

This means that they are not focused on performing some operations based on commissions per day.

They would prefer to help you focus on your long-term financial goals, such as paying for a college or buying a house.

The upgrade uses two types of investments: exchange-traded funds (ETF) and US treasury bonds.

EFTs are similar to index funds, but EFTs can be bought and sold at different price points during the day, but mutual funds and index funds are sold at the final price, regardless of when they are bought or sold.


3) Lending Club

Sometimes called “Amazon P2P Loan Sites,” Lending Club is an excellent tool for those who have not invested previously and are interested in creating a beginner’s portfolio.

It is also a great resource for those looking to diversify a current portfolio.

The concept behind peer-to-peer loan sites is simple.

Individuals and companies that seek funds are compared to lenders through third-party sites (or P2P).

People who have experienced shopping online will be comfortable with the experience of the Loan Club user.

With a minimum loan amount starting at $25, a user on Lending Club invests simply with a click on “Add to cart.”

Lending Club has two options for those who wish to invest: manual and automatic loans.

The manual option or the investment of individual loans allows you to see all the investment opportunities and compare them to find the best option for you.

This is good for those who wish to gain a more practical investment experience.


4) M1 Finance

There’s nothing better than cheap, right? This may be the best part of M1 Finance.

M1 Finance is an online brokerage firm similar to Betterment that does not charge fees or commissions for its services so it is definitely one of the best spare change investment apps.

The only obstacle is a minimum of $ 100 for an account subject to taxes and a minimum of $ 500 for an exit account.

This platform provides an excellent view of asset allocation in the form of an investment “pie”.

This makes it easy to see how your funds are divided among your investments and the good thing is that it is automated.

You can create your pie by investing in any combination of stocks, ETFs and fractional shares.

To begin, set the target weight for each “slice” of your investment pie.

After that, you only need to finance your account and M1 Finance will automatically transfer the funds to the investments in the desired percentage.

5) Fundrise

Fundrise is a site that allows you to invest in real estate without the obligations of an owner. It does this by allowing you to invest in real estate investment trusts.

The minimum investment sizes are giving up the fund and a simple user interface, making it accessible to a variety of leading investors.

Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, sell shares to individual investors and contribute money for large-scale real estate investments.

Many real estate platforms are not only available to high net worth investors. However, the Fundrise allows medium investors to benefit from investment in real estate trusts.

Fundrise allows you to invest in REIT through four portfolios, which determines the right combination of products for your investment needs.

The Home Portfolio requires a minimum of $500 in investments.

There is a minimum of $1,000 for the other three portfolios:

  • Supplementary income
  • Balanced investment
  • Long-term growth


6) Stash

If you want to have the freedom to make your own investments, but you are not sure how to create an investment portfolio, Stash could be for you.

Stash aims to educate beginners on how to find and select investments to align with their financial goals.

Stash is not a consultant app, but can be considered a micro-investment tool.

When you create a Stash account, you will have to open an investment account subject to tax or a retirement account with a tax advantage, such as a traditional IRA or a rolling IRA.

You can start investing with only $5. An administrative fee of $ 1 per month for an account is $0 to $ 5000.

More than $5,000, the administration fee is .25% per year.

It is worth noting that the largest balance for your account is the most profitable Stash.

That said, Stash may not be the best tool for you as your investments increase.


7) Stockpile

Stockpile offers a truly unique experience to buy stocks and ETFs by buying gift cards for stocks instead of buying them directly.

This is an extraordinary gift for those interested in investing or providing a way for parents to invest their children in the investment.

The Stockpile app allows you to buy shares in two ways:

  1. Buy shares directly for you
  2. Buy a gift card for someone

There is a fee of .99 cents per operation.

Rates are also charged according to the amount you buy on a gift card.

It is not necessary to have a Reserve account to buy the gift card, but the recipient will need an account to redeem it.

Must be 18 years of age or older and be a US citizen UU to create a Reserve account.


8) Robinhood

New entrants to commercial rates and commissions tend to tend; if he does not know what he’s doing, he thinks he’s giving away his money.

If it is important that you limit your costs in commissions and fees, do not forget more than Robinhood.

Robinhood is an online brokerage application that allows you to exchange commercial actions, transparency, options and ETFs without commissions or minimum accounts.

This makes the application very valuable for regular traders or ETF traders.

The simplicity of the application is suitable for users of thousands of years and smartphones.

The home page shows your stock, as well as your watch list.

It is also highly reactive to changes in the market and allows you to see in real time as the value of your portfolio changes.

Most online brokers charge a fee or commission, but they provide a wealth of research, news, logistics and education resources for newly created investors.


I hope you have enjoyed today’s fix for the best spare change investment apps.


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