Freelance Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

It doesn’t matter if you’re a millennial or a soccer mom, there are online data entry jobs for everyone, regardless of social background, educational quality, age, and gender. They allow millions to work from home during this period of growing pandemics. Earning $ 12 an hour from home is no longer a dream but a new reality in this COVID 19 world.

Online data entry jobs allow anyone in this country to work online as a data entry operator and consistently earn more than $ 12 per hour month after month. Now it’s time, let’s talk about freelance data entry jobs from home without investment.

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Here are more ideas for Freelance Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment:

Classic Data Entry Jobs You Should Know

Classic data entry jobs have been around for a long time. All other types of data entry jobs came much later with the advent of the Internet. But there were classic data entry jobs much earlier.

1. Data entry keyers

Data Entry Keyers responsibilities include accurate extraction of relevant information from all types of documents (such as academia, business, law, medicine, etc.). And entering data into databases such as a spreadsheet calculation of excellence or company templates.

So Data Keyers are also part of quality control when they identify and correct data errors. Data Keyers should have a write speed of 50 words per minute with a 0% error rate. Knowledge of MS Excel is also required.

2. Data entry clerks

Data entry clerks follow specific procedures to complete various repetitive administrative jobs. Such as filing documents in alphabetical file, posting to individual accounts, calculating and posting to department accounts, coding, etc. Must have high school and 2 years of prior work experience. You must be familiar with the variety of office software, especially MS Office. Data entry clerks can also earn up to $ 15 per hour.

3. Medical coder

A medical coder must read the patient’s health report, analyze their medical history, such as diseases being diagnosed, treatment administered, and then, based on charts and reports, transcribe the patient’s medical history. Medical coders rewrite “Retired” style codes that are then used by physicians, medical professionals, and health insurance companies to find out the patient’s medical history.

This job is not for everyone because you need a certificate or degree in medical coding. Previous work experience and training is also required. This post is also called a data entry job, but not for everyone.

4. Captcha solution

You already know what Captchas are, they are images that contain texts, numbers and alphanumeric characters that are used to complete a field that is detailed below in order to avoid spam. To solve a Captcha file, you are only paid 1 to 2 cents. To earn a decent amount of money, you have to solve thousands of Captchas every day. If you solve a Captcha in 3 seconds and work for 7 hours, you can earn up to $ 150 per day, which is more than $ 15 per hour.

5. Copy and paste posts

As the name says, it copies the contents of a file and pastes it into another file after formatting. You will convert a PDF file into a Word document or vice versa. Excel to Word, Word to Excel. It can contain content, text, numbers, letters, and all other types of data.

6. Catalog data entry operator

A catalog data entry worker must fill out various fields in the table with information such as product name, code number, price, expiration date, and so on. Operators also need to know how to classify and extract specific data from the database. The database software can be internal software or other popular software packages such as MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

7. Create custom reports

As a data entry operator, you must create reports on various projects brought in by the client. The company would give specific instructions like Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, charts, graphs, etc. Create. This data entry job can cost you more than $ 15 per hour.

Before you go, I hope this above article summing up 7 freelance data entry jobs from home without investment helps you out. Of course, there are many other options avalaiable on the internet and it is a smart decision to research fully before you commit to working from home full-time.

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