Does Inbox Dollars Really Work?

Does Inbox Dollars Really Work? Answered Fully Here

It’s time to understand does inbox dollars really work! Here is the breakdown of Inbox Dollars and how you can make money online with this method.

We do spend a whole lot of time online, don’t we? Odds are you’ve done things like reading emails, played games, watched videos and much more. 

Now imagine getting paid to do all that stuff daily.

Well, sites like Inbox Dollars make this happen, but not all sites that do this are legit.

So is this site actually one of the good finds out there?

At this time you’re probably searching Inbox Dollar reviews online to figure this out. 

We got you covered.

If you don’t want to know the dirt about this company then feel free to ignore it. 

But if you want to know the good, bad and ugly then read our 2019 Inbox Dollars Review.

You’ve been warned either way.


What Is Inbox Dollars? is a GPT (get paid to) or reward site where you earn money for completing online activities. 

Inbox Dollars was started around 2006 by internet entrepreneur and current CEO Daren Cotter.

Its parent company CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. is located in 1295 Northland Dr Ste 300, Mendota Heights, MN.

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How To Earn With Inbox Dollars

Does Inbox Dollars really work? Yes, you can earn small amounts (several dollars per day) and below we have listed the main methods on the site:

1) Taking surveys

Based on the answers you gave to the pre-qualifier questionnaire, surveys will show up on the dashboard for you to finish. 

They will also email you survey invitations.

2) Reading and responding to emails

You’ll receive up to 3 emails every day. 

You earn by clicking on the link in the email and/or if you do it on whatever is being promoted in the email.

3) Logging in  

Each time you log in you will earn a few extra pennies.

4) Signing up for offers

Offers will appear on your homepage.

You’ll need to sign up.

It might be offers on flights, merchandise shopping or online services. 

You may need to feed in your credit card information to complete some of these offers.

5) Watching videos and TV  

Every day you’ll have the ability to watch short videos (mostly 1-minute videos) and watching TV infomercials from their sponsors and earn.

6) Playing games  

When available, you can opt to earn through playing online games.

7) Internet search

By doing internet searches you’ll get paid for performing four random internet searches per day through the Inbox Dollars website.

8) Referring friends  

There’s a referral program where once a member signs up through your referral link you’ll be given a proportion of their earnings.


How Much Can I Make with Inbox Dollars?

In summary, how much you can make is dependent upon how much time spent on the site, your location and how many opportunities are available to earn. 

You’ll need to earn at least $30 to qualify for a payout.

Here’s how much each offer pays you (give-or-take):

  • Signing up: $5
  • Reading and responding to email adverts: Up to 10 cents per email
  • Taking surveys: 50 cents for a 30-minute survey, 25 cents for a 10-15 minute survey
  • Logging in: Two cents per day login
  • Offers: Largely depends on the deal accessible, most offers pay anywhere between 50 cents and $5
  • Watching Videos and the TV: Each video earns you up to 10 cents per view.  At the conclusion of a TV infomercial, you can interact with a scratching coupon to know whether you’ve earned. Pay ranges from zero to $10.
  • Doing internet searches: 1 penny for any four searches you perform through the site.
  • Referring friends: 10% of any amount they earn through the site.

There we go, it won’t be long until you have the feeling to earn more money online. For now, to answer does inbox dollars really work; yes it is legit.


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