What Percentage Does Airbnb Take

What Percentage Does Airbnb Take? Here is An Easy Answer

It is a very common question, ‘What percentage does Airbnb take?’. Many people want to know this before they decide to rent out a room or invest in a property to do Airbnb rentals. See the information that you need below.


As consumers, we no longer expect initial and honest prices, but this is not the case with Airbnb.

After you pay for luggage fees, tourist taxes, mandatory tips, holiday rates and other developments that are hidden in the vacation budget you will be concerned about your accommodation costs.

In contrast, the journey through Airbnb is like fresh air.

Airbnb rates are clearly shown during the booking process with some of the best private homes on offer around the world.


How Do Airbnb Reservation Costs Work?

This is what the guest sees when requesting information about a new reservation:

  • The total price is shown, along with an easy breakdown of the rates.
  • The user can manipulate any of the question marks to see an explanation of the line items.


What Percentage Does Airbnb Take?

As a host, you must determine the best way to fix Airbnb rates.

After two years of testing the many tariff configurations, I have identified the most effective Airbnb pricing strategy. In this section, I describe my approach.

I also answered the questionm “What percentage does Airbnb take?”

There is a final fee that you should consider.

The percentage that Airbnb assumes on its own.

The host service fee is approximately 3% per booking on Airbnb charges.

This is taken from your total income and is not visible to your guests.

Airbnb offers a 6-12% service fee paid by your guests.

The charge for guest service is reduced from 12% to 6% as the reservation increases.

In this way, your guests save money on larger reservations.

While you do not have control over the Airbnb percentage, you would like to understand how it works if a guest investigates the total amount of a reservation.

For more help in determining the best rates for the listing, see the Airbnb Market Report for your area.

Discover exactly what your competitors are doing and the impact this has on your listing.

Airbnb Cleaning Fees:

Initially, I was in favour of reducing additional cleaning expenses.

As I went through the process, I realized that cleaning fees are used as a tool to encourage longer periods. There is no significant charge for the $100 Airbnb cleaning fee that will run for a week or even two weeks.

When you set it to a night, it’s expensive, so adjust the cleaning fee based on your typical booking length.

The cleaning fee is clearly visible to your guest and the cleaning fee is only charged once per booking (not per night).

But be reasonable with what you charge.

You do not want to exclude potential customers by setting very high prices in the market.

I suggest that you check similar lists in your area to find out the average cost of cleaning.

Next, set your rate accordingly.


Weekly and Monthly Discounts:

Airbnb allows you to set a weekly or monthly discount.

This is a good idea if you want to stay longer.

Longer reserves generally result in a higher occupancy rate (because there are fewer gaps between reserves).

This, in turn, increases your earnings on Airbnb.

Airbnb works in the following way: You selectively specify a weekly discount related to any reservation from 7 to 27 nights.

You can also define a monthly discount related to any reservation for 28 nights or more.

Security Deposit:

Never cut out a security deposit.

Security deposits can avoid potential guest problems.

If you are concerned about valuables in your home, you can get a detailed insurance policy.

You can find more information about insurance in our article on Airbnb taxes and insurance.

If something goes very wrong, a guarantee of one million dollars is given on Airbnb.

This covers the property and general accessories after your own insurance policy has been used up and subsequently.

With over 100 bookings to date, I have never been left chasing the tenants for money or I have not had any valuable or broken items. I am very grateful for that from Airbnb.

Additionally, you may want to charge a security deposit to avoid the wrong type of guest.

Deposits can help your guests become more responsible (and attract more trustworthy tenants).

If you decide to set a deposit, check the competitor’s lists to find out the constant rate in your area.

Afterwards, Airbnb keeps the deposit for you.

If there is a problem, you have 48 hours after verification to claim through the Airbnb resolution center.

Lastly, you must submit documents that support your claim.

I recommend saving the original receipts and taking many photos.

This gives you some documents if you want to file a claim.

I hope that this helps you with a definition of Airbnb costs and what percentage does Airbnb take.


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