14-Times Lottery Winner Reveals His Secret to the World

When the odds of something happening are really low, you say: “It’s like winning a lottery.” Yet, one man, over the course of 30 years, actually did win the lottery 14 times in a row! Sounds improbable, but this is the real story of a mathematical genius, Stefan Mandel.

It all began in the 1960s, when a poor Romanian accountant was living on $88 a month and came up with a solution that, perhaps, only he could think of: lottery. He spent every minute he had off work and family life analyzing papers on math and working on his own algorithm. And it worked!

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It all began in the 1960s 0:30
The algorithm was ready and it worked 01:27
Moving to Australia 02:20
The new advanced method 03:11
Creating the “lotto syndicate” 06:01
The big game 07:32
It couldn’t go on forever 09:08

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-It all began in the 1960s, when a poor Romanian accountant was trying to make ends meet and feed his family. He decided to invent his own algorithm to win lotteries.
-Mandel claimed that, in a lottery with 6 total winning numbers, he could accurately predict 5 of them. He won the first prize, which was about $19 thousand, paid his debts to everyone who helped him, and still benefited quite a lot.
-He settled in Australia and got access to every Commonwealth resource available for anyone with Australian citizenship.
-The new method included six steps: calculate the total number of combinations possible in any given lottery, find lotteries where the jackpot was at least three times as big as the number of combinations, raise money to buy every single combination, print out millions of tickets, deliver them to the official dealers and take the prize!
-Over the years he succeeded in creating what he called a “lotto syndicate”: a network of hundreds of investors who believed in his method and were more than willing to help.
-On February 15, 1992, Mandel’s team hit not only the jackpot but also the second and third prizes, along with dozens of minor ones, their overall winnings amounting to about $30 million.
-in 2004 Mandel was sentenced to 20 months of prison in Israel, where he tried to pull another lottery stunt and failed. Since his release in 2006, he’s been living a quiet life on a tropical island off the coast of Australia.

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