Best Stocks And Shares App UK

Best Stocks And Shares App UK

Are you interested in using the best stocks and shares app UK? Here is an overview of investing in stocks and shares for beginners and the top 9 apps you can download for free.

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Background To Stocks And Shares Investing

If you are new to stock market investing you can have heard that mutual funds will be a good way for you to get started.

That is actually good advice, but mutual funds have their very own pitfalls to watch out for.

Here are a number of the things you need to know about the downsides of mutual fund investing.

First, many individuals are under the fact that mutual funds have a lower risk than a direct investment in stocks because they’re managed by professional fund managers.

That is not necessarily true since the fund’s performance ultimately will be based on the experience and expertise of the fund manager.

So if the fund manager is good at her/his job, the fund will do well.

In case the fund manager is inexperienced or simply lacking talent, the fund could perform poorly.

Which means you still need to perform your very own due diligence on the fund itself, and on its manager. You will still need to monitor the fund’s performance with time.


Check Out the Following Apps:

If you’re in a rush, here are the 9 best stocks and shares app UK:

  1. Nutmeg
  2. Trading 212
  3. London Stock Quotes
  4. Stock Trainer
  5. Degiro
  6. Moneyfarm
  7. Wealthify
  8. eToro
  9. Moneybox

In summary, apps generally use the mutual fund format. You can find these apps on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Managing Liability When Investing in Stocks and Shares

If you are investing money in an app it will not be something you can buy and after that ignore, and still expect it to prosper.

Firstly, you need to research and take the time to think about what level of risk suits you as a new investor.

Next, you’ll still have to take liability for diversifying your portfolio.

You may do that by choosing a fund that purchases stocks in a broad range of sectors and is widely diversified throughout the market.

Or you can invest in one or more fund if each fund specializes in a certain sector.

You’ll still have to be aware of investing in the stock market at some point, to make good selections about diversification.

Otherwise, you run the potential risk of over-diversifying and canceling out your profit, or under diversifying and losing the risk-reducing characteristics that mutual funds can provide.



In summary, keep in mind the disadvantage of mutual funds is the cost of the management fees and this also applies when using the best stocks and shares app UK.

Usually, there’ll be fees accessed every time you purchase and sell shares even using an app or online investment platform.

There are usually annual management fees to offset the cost of the built-in stock market salary of the fund manager’s salary.

There is one more disadvantage that many people do not think about.

Mutual funds are usually marketed as being more liquid than owning individual stocks.

In general, it is faster and easier to draw cash out of a mutual fund than it’s to trade a stock.

That liquidity comes at a cost to the yield of your investment.

In order for the fund to have the liquid cash available for fast and simple withdrawals, the cash can’t be invested in additional stocks.

So the cash liquidity of the mutual fund comes at the opportunity cost to invest in more stocks.

Despite these drawbacks, mutual funds can be a great investment for you and one of the easiest way to access them is via the best stocks and shares app UK.


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