Savings Apps That Invest Spare Change

Savings Apps That Invest Spare Change

Here is our round-up of the 6 best savings apps that invest spare change. Check it out and see which app you would like to download onto your phone (most are free to access).


1) Acorns:

One of the most popular applications for saving up that spare change is Acorns.

Acorns connects to your credit card and each purchase equals the nearest dollar.

The necessary difference is taken from your checking account.

The accounts are automatically managed in exchange-traded funds or ETFs, which helps you grow your money quickly

. There are a number of retail partners (Jet, Airbnb and Hulu) that will return your money directly to your Acorns account, which will help you save more in the process.

This is our number one choice for the savings apps that invest spare change.


2) Stash:

This is another application like the first one we talked about, and it shares some of the same characteristics.

You can automatically withdraw a default cash option from your account at pre-set intervals.

The funds will increase depending on the investment, and it is quite convenient in general.

There is a set of wallets with blank names to attract those who do not like financial conversations.

These portfolios will help you decide on the funds you buy.

This investment not only needs to start an initial investment of $5, and brokers first need an investment of $ 1000 or more.

The company is even offering $5 to new customers who want to try the application.

3) Debitize:

This is probably the most innovative of all since it fundamentally changes your credit card in a debit card.

Once you make a payment with your credit card, Debitize will use the linked bank account to pay that charge.

This means that you will not have to pay the full amount at the same time you pay for each payment.

This could be like an application for debit card users to join the idea of credit cards.

Thanks to this application, you will not have to worry about charges for late payments or other overpayments associated with late payments.

Unfortunately, there is only one iOS application in Debitize without any Android application currently available.

However, Android users can use the web version of the service.


4) Qoins:

This is slightly different to the other services we have mentioned here.

Essentially, the currencies take the additional change from costs and pay their debts with it.

It’s that easy.

This option is particularly useful if you have outstanding loans with higher interest rates.

It is always prudent to pay your debts more often to avoid interest.

As we usually stay until the due date to pay off the loans, Qoins will do all the work for you behind the scenes.

The amount paid will not be too big because it is not added to your spare change, but it’s still something.

The application charges $1.99 for each monthly payment you send.

However, if the additional change has accumulated in a month less than $20, it will not send the payments and resend them to next month’s payment.

In this case, the Qoins will not charge you either.

You can try the Google Play Store tires.

5) Digit:

Digit is one of the first automatic savings applications that allowed consumers to save money based on an algorithm.

This application recently started charging users the use of their service, making it less big, but still has a goal if you plan to save enough money with it.

You need to save more than $5,000 a year to make the rates worthwhile, which could be difficult for many people who use the service.


6) EvoShare:

EvoShare is a bit different from the other applications that are on this list because it is not only an automatic savings application, but it is a cash return application that helps you save your goals.

This application allows you to save for your retirement or reduce student debt when making your daily purchases.

You can use some of the things you spend in your favourite businesses to put them in an account, which helps you save your future without changing your spending habits.


I hope you have found this summary useful for the savings apps that invest spare change.


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