Brigit App Review and Does Brigit App Accept Prepaid Accounts?

Brigit App Review

We have put this Brigit App Review together based on information on the Brigit website and customer reviews.

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You can have up to $250 naturally stored in your account — for a $9.99 enrollment expense on the Brigit app.


The Brigit app is intended to enable you to abstain from paying overdraft charges or taking out costly payday advances.


You can get up to $250 cash.


However, it includes some significant pitfalls: There’s a month to month enrollment expense, and Brigit may take a couple of days to get the assets into your record.


How Does Brigit Work?


Brigit is an app that enables you to demand a paid transfer of money when you’re in peril of over drafting your financial balance. It interfaces with your financial balance, dissects your costs and informs you when you’re running low on assets. Now, it offers you a customized development to cover you until your next payday. Basically, it is like a payday loan advance.


In case you’re running low, Brigit consequently transfers the money you need into your financial balance. Key points are listed below:


  • Maximum withdrawal: $250


  • Cost: $9.99 month to month enrollment charge


  • Turnaround: Up to two business days


Does Brigit App Accept Prepaid Accounts?

Presently, it is not clear if they accept prepaid accounts or prepaid bank cards.

Update – I contacted Brigit App directly and asked them if they accept prepaid accounts and this was their response: 

“Hi Ruth!

Thanks for reaching out! We sincerely appreciate your patience!

At this time, Brigit is only compatible with checking account with recurring direct deposits.”

However, you can easily Connect your bank account and they accept thousands of banks such as:

  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • TD Bank
  • Chase
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • and over 15,000+

Keep in mind the transfer takes around one to two business days.

For further information, you can download the Brigit App.

How Repayments Work With Brigit


Brigit computerizes its repayment procedure to keep things simple. You’ll be informed 24 hours before your due date, and your payment is naturally deducted from your financial balance. There are no expenses or interest charges. Also, in the event that you keep running into inconvenience, Brigit enables you to stretch out your due date to stay away from an overdraft.


It takes a few business days for Brigit to process your payment. From that point onward, you’ll be informed by content that your payment has experienced. Now, you’re allowed to take out another loan at whatever point you need it.


Before You Take Out A Cash Advance


Payday advances, portion advances, and automobile title credits accompany high-interest rates and expenses which can trap you in a cycle of obligation. Therefore, borrowers may end up taking out a moment or third credit since they couldn’t pay back the first on the schedule. Watch out for this and seek other ways of gaining income first.


Consider Options Before Choosing An Instant Loan:


  • Local funding: Government organizations, not-for-profits and neighbourhood philanthropists frequently offer free budgetary administrations and help with sustenance, utilities and lease for those out of luck.


  • Payment expansions: Chat with your bill suppliers about a more extended payment arrangement or expansion on your due date in case you’re behind on payments.


  • Side employments: The present computerized commercial center offers the capacity to all the more effectively sell undesirable things, agree to accept sustenance conveyance or drive for rideshare administrations.


What Amount Does It Cost To Utilize Brigit?


Brigit charges a $9.99 month to month participation expense to take out a loan. You won’t need to pay any interest, and regardless of whether you can’t make a payment, you won’t be on the snare for any late charges. These are two highlights that separate Brigit from other transient moneylenders.


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Brigit?




  • No credit check. You do not have to provide a credit history or perform a credit check to use Brigit app.


  • Due date expansions are accessible. Attempting to repay your development? Brigit enables you to stretch out your due date up to multiple times.


  • Overdraft forecasts. When you interface Brigit to your financial balance, it breaks down your ways of managing money and sends warnings when you’re in danger of overdrafting.


  • No interest or late expenses. You won’t pay extra on any funds you take out, nor will you be on the snare for late charges.




  • Customer service is just through email. In the event that you have to connect with Brigit to illuminate a record issue or answer an inquiry, you’ll just contact its staff through email — and it could take two business days to get a reaction.


  • Monthly charge. Not all payday apps expect you to tip, but Brigit charges a $9.99 month to month enrollment expense— regardless of whether you needn’t bother with a paid loan that month.


  • No joint ledgers. You need an individual financial record that is in any event 60 days old and gets immediate stores to fit the bill for Brigit.


Brigit App Review: Is Brigit Safe To Utilize?


By and large, yes — however, no app can ensure your data remains 100% safe. Brigit does its part by utilizing a safe 256-piece encryption framework to secure your own and banking information. Also, in contrast to numerous payday banks, you don’t have to give your Social Security number to join.


Past its security framework, its protection strategy traces what sorts of data it gathers, how it’s utilized and whether it’s shared. On the off chance that you choose you never again need to utilize Brigit, its security arrangement likewise clarifies what data is erased and what is held.


What Are Clients Saying Around Brigit?


Brigit might not have a Better Business Bureau or Trust pilot page, yet it has a large number of positive reviews on the app Store and Google Play. For a general Brigit App Review, it procures 4.8 out of 5 stars dependent on about 11,000 iPhone clients and a 4.2-out-of-5-star rating from more than 2,000 Android clients. Pretty solid.


On the downside, while some reviewers had issues interfacing their financial balances or finding solutions once more from Brigit’s client administration group, most adulated the organization for the fact that it was so simple to take out a loan. What’s more, many people adore Brigit’s innovation that helps them dodge overdraft expenses.


How Do I Get the Brigit The App?


  1. Visit the App Store or Google Play and download Brigit.


  1. Once introduced, click Sign Up.


  1. Enter your email address and telephone number.


  1. Wait for your six-digit code and enter it into the Brigit app.


  1. Set a four-digit stick, which will be utilized for additional security when signing on.


  1. Enter your first and last name, at that point select your condition of a home.


  1. Confirm your financial balance qualifies, at that point associate it to the Brigit app. It might take a couple of minutes.


  1. Add your paychecks from your manager and select your pay calendar.


When you’ve begun your record, you can agree to accept enrollment — which costs $9.99 every month — for pay advances from Brigit.


How Would I Know Whether I’m Qualified To Utilize Brigit?

To Fit The Bill For A Loan, You’ll Have To Meet A Couple Of Qualification Prerequisites, such as:


  • Have money remaining in your financial balance two days after you get paid.


  • Have a normal paycheck more noteworthy than $400.


  • Receive $1,500 every month from a similar business.


  • Have three repeating direct payments from your boss.


  • Have a ledger balance more prominent than $0.


  • Use your financial records habitually.


  • Have a financial record with a bank that is upheld by Brigit.


  • Have a financial record that is 60 days old.


Brigit App Review: Final Note


Brigit was established in 2017 with a mission to help individuals with poor credit gain admittance to little advances.


It accepts these advances can have help with between several dollars in overdraft charges to hundreds of dollars.


Finally, it is a trusted app with more than 250,000 clients — a considerable number have already left positive reviews about how it’s helped improve their funds.


In closing, I hope that this Brigit App Review helps you with navigating the world of personal finance using pay advance apps.


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