6 of the Best Apps for Collecting Art

The artworld is slowly embracing the digital revolution, but especially e-commerce. Online sales are growing, large auction houses like Christie’s are hosting more and more web auctions, and artists, galleries and museums are expanding their digital locations. Therefore, more and more smartphone applications designed for art lovers are available. In this article let’s talk about the best apps for collecting art.

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Top Apps for Collecting Art

1. Artland:

The overall mission of the startup established in 2016 is to make buying art more accessible. Galleries pay an annual subscription fee to present artwork to the artists they represent online, tapping into a new digital generation of art buyers. Sound artistic? Insurance. The Difference: Artland focuses on collectors, offering them tools to register and manage their collections. And it not only connects collectors with galleries, but also collectors with each other. “Art collections are hard to come by.

2. Saatchi Art

While both Artsy and Artland focus on artists who are already represented in a gallery, Saatchi Art offers the artist the opportunity to upload and sell their pieces. Here, users can find more than a million paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs by more than 60,000 artists from around the world. Because this great deal can be difficult to navigate, art lovers can use a team of Saatchi consultants to help tailor the art to their taste and budget.


The app uses the same method of swiping left and right to browse and possibly purchase artwork. Anyone can upload and sell works, and Wydr charges a 30 percent commission for each sale. Additionally, users can rate featured artwork from 1 to 5. When you click on an artwork, a community rating, price, and location are displayed instead of positions and interests.

4. Collectrium

Collectrium was specifically designed for collectors and collectors of high value art, promising security at the bank level. Founder’s idea: a tool that could help collectors manage their collection while providing useful information for future acquisitions. As such, Collectrium is a secure web-based system that allows collectors and galleries to access their artworks from anywhere and on all devices. The project also offers additional services such as insurance, warehousing, transportation, and rehabilitation through partnerships with key suppliers in these areas. The application is available in seven languages.

5. Magnus

The idea is brilliant: create a Shazam for art. How wonderful would it be to simply take a photo of a work of art that you enjoy while jumping into a gallery, and in a few seconds have the information about its creator, its title, its dimensions, its year of origin, its exhibition history. And its price on your finger? Unfortunately the app is still not as fast as it could be, because it has a lot of back pressure from galleries, who think Magnus is giving too much information.

6. Artsy

The New York City-based startup is a pioneer in the display and sale of art online. Browse and buy art from hundreds of the best galleries and auction houses. By choosing a financial model in which galleries pay an annual subscription, you leave the sales process entirely in the hands of galleries and museums, which can alert middlemen. Along the way, Artsy has built one of the most comprehensive online art databases, linked through its unique Art Genome Project, an effort to classify artworks so that it can give you recommendations based on your tastes.

Before you go, I hope this article best apps for collecting art is helpful and beneficial for you.

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