Apps for Artists to Sell Work

For some artists starting off it is tough to bring in cash from art. Studio space has made it significantly tougher to construct an economical business. However, The developing fame of art fairs is good for popular artists. So let’s investigate apps for artists to sell work that are shaking things up for creatives.

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This is because artists ready to grasp advanced innovation and assume responsibility for their own fates have never had it so great. Web-based media online platforms are of course a great place to start promoting your own art. And versatile apps have made it conceivable to contact worldwide crowds.

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5 Great Apps to Sell Your Design Work Online

1. Artistic:

Artsy has a vision to change the art world through technology. And has delivered on that vision from day one offering an online platform that connects art lovers with galleries and artists in a global community. Its library covers a wide range of art, from old masters to contemporary artists.

2. Patreon:

Patreon is reconsidering how artists and creators can fund their work, by allowing direct funding appeals to backers and supporters. Going digital to an old model, the San Francisco-based platform gives emerging artists control over their careers. Unseen by the current gatekeepers of the art world.

Patreon allows artists to get financial support for their work directly from the people they love the most. The platform enables new artist discovery and support for established artists. And leverages e-commerce learning and crowdfunding to help artists make direct appeals to support their creative endeavors.

3. Artfare:

Launched in February 2019 Artfare brings a new twist to the art fair model, using a mobile app, in-house curators. And local pop-up exhibitions and fairs to create connections between artists. And collectors in local art scenes, starting with New York.

Artfare promotes vibrant local art scenes by bringing artists and collectors together through messages, studio visits, and art sales. With Artfare’s listings, artists can promote works for sale on social platforms like Instagram (where they often have a huge following).

4. Paddle 8:

Paddle 8 is a curated auction platform that enables a global community of art buyers to discover and bid in real time. By digitally enabling auction mechanics, you help promote the work of artists and drive sales, creating a global digital spin on market dynamics that previously used to be limited to those with privileges and access.

5. Uprise Art:

This is not an application, but a platform. The Uprise Art team is led by a mission to enable a new generation of digital art collectors to acquire and purchase art from emerging artists. Uprise Art is actually a digital gallery, working online and through pop-ups, collaborations, and kiosks at art fairs to showcase the work on the list to talented artists.

By creating a world-class gallery experience and constantly innovating the model, connecting with high-tech startups to bring art to their offices or working directly with in-house designers, Uprise Art offers new opportunities for emerging artists to discover and purchase their work.

Before you go, I hope this article apps for artists to sell work is helpful and informational for you. If you are an artist feel free to share your insider secrets below.

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