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The earbuds consequently turn on and control up when removed from the case, and mood killer when coming back to the case.

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Louis Vuitton is getting in on the remote headphone game. This Horizon earbuds will cost you $1,000. You could get six arrangements of AirPods for that. All in all, would they say they merit the cost?


Louis Vuitton is a French design house known for its very good quality packs, gear, garments, and adornments. What’s more, all that it makes has the pervasive LV logo on it. So when we discovered it was making headphones, we realized we needed to give them a shot.


Inside this case is some Louis Vuitton headphones and we’re simply going to do a touch of unpacking at the present time. I’ve never felt increasingly shameful in my life.




We should begin with audio. The audio is truly fresh, there’s a punchy bass, incredible highs, mids, and lows, and they’re somewhat superior to the AirPods.


These headphones likewise don’t have a commotion dropping element however they do have a clamor secluding fit, which implies they can physically shut out encompassing clamor. At the point when I had these in the workplace, I couldn’t hear my associates talking except if they were talking actually noisily. At the point when I was strolling to work with them on, I couldn’t hear the road commotion yet I had the option to hear stifling hints of vehicles sounding and furthermore the traffic official blowing his whistle.


Features And What We Like About It


Proceeding onward to plan and features. The general bundling looks extremely decent however the headphones do smear and the case scratches effectively. I truly appreciate the catches on these headphones. On the correct side, you have one catch and essentially you can click it once to respite or play a tune, you can click it twice to avoid a melody, and you can hold down to actuate voice colleague. And afterward, on the left one, there are two catches to control your volume which is super incredible. Also, much the same as the AirPods, in the event that you take one out, the music will quit playing and when you set it back in, it’ll start playing once more. Entirely flawless component.


This earbuds interface before long to your Bluetooth gadget yet I found that when I was associating them to my telephone and my PC and I was attempting to turn off on them, it was getting somewhat confounded. The other irritating thing is returning the earbuds to the case is quite strange. You would accept that once you take it out you could simply thud them into the case and it’ll fit. You really need to pivot the left earbuds and put it on the correct side of the case and afterward, you put the privilege earbuds on the left half of the case. I don’t have the foggiest idea why they did that.


I additionally wish the earbuds and the case were attractive, with the goal that it wouldn’t drop out of the case so effectively. Yet, these headphones can go up to around 18 meters of range and it has an authority IPX4 sprinkle rating, which implies you can sprinkle some water on it despite everything it’ll work.


Comfort And Fit


This earbud felt really light from the outset yet they’re really nine grams each and just to look at, AirPods gauge four grams each. So these resemble twice as substantial. What’s more, I found that when I was wearing these for about an hour and when I took it off, my ears just began to hurt a great deal, and I believe this is on the grounds that it was simply excessively overwhelming. I likewise saw that the earbuds get truly warm sooner or later.


Having these ear modifications were extremely useful in light of the fact that I had the option to change the ear tip to a littler size to fit into my ear. I thought these fit wings, as they call it, were peculiar from the outset yet they really help fit in my ear all the more safely and all the more comfortable. The silicone material makes it extremely delicate and squishy yet it catches a lotta ear wax. I won’t give you that. No doubt, they don’t drop out.


Battery Life


The battery life isn’t the best. The battery life on these is around three and a half long stretches of consistent tuning in. Though AirPods last as long as five hours of consistent tuning in. The case is the thing that keeps the headphones charged and it takes around 40 minutes to energize to 100%. It’s quite overwhelming to drag around, however. The case weighs around 100 grams, comparable in weight to a bar of cleanser.




For $1,000, it’s extremely difficult to legitimize these headphones. You can get the equivalent headphones without the Louis Vuitton marking for $700 less.


Despite that, personally I like them anyway and I would buy them either way.




My last evaluating for these earbuds is 3 out of 5 stars based on the overall features.


On the off chance that the value was $300 like the earbud model these depend on, at that point I’d give it four stars and you can see more details on Amazon.


In any case, in the event that you can bear the cost of it and you’re a major devotee of Louis Vuitton…then these might be for you.


Otherwise, you’re in an ideal situation to check out our alternate headphones below:


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