Is Airbnb Profitable For Host?

Is Airbnb Profitable for Host and Landlords?

This is the ultimate answer to the question, ‘Is Airbnb profitable for host?’ The best way to think about the possible profits of Airbnb is to look at comparable lists in your local area.

The hosts’ earnings are not listed, of course, but you can estimate a range of earnings based on the number of listings reviews (take between 1/3 and 4/5 of the guests leaving the reviews) and their price each night.


How To Estimate Airbnb Earnings

Then, the estimate would be the low-income (basic night price * number of nights booked = gross).

This will give you an idea of the potential earnings.

Then, if you want a monthly income, you can verify when the guest began receiving comments, and some of those months.

As a result, you can start to gather data to make a decision on setting up your own Airbnb business when you know the answer is profitable for host.

I was also curious about this because I wanted to see if there would be valuable gains in my market and, also, see what other markets would be more profitable.

To do that, I looked at the 20 most visited cities (mastercard collected this information last year) and the most expensive cities for hotels (which is where Airbnb hosts can profit).

I regulated the prices using a cost of living calculator that prices in the United States (San Francisco). 

However, you can only go by this as an estimate because of the occupancy rate. Usually, not every single night is booked, although it is possible.

For example, if a person lives in a city with tourists and has a property located in the center, you can consider an occupancy rate of 90%.


Is Airbnb Profitable For Hosts?

Yes, many people are making a lot of money with Airbnb, but a lot depends on your market.

Using a similar analysis and some assumptions, you could have a rough idea of ​​your expected earnings.

You can start with Airbnb Private-room listings.

The rental of a bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment can be a good source of additional income in most of the cities examined by Smart Asset.

In half of the cities in their analysis, an “Airbnb roommate” would pay at least 80% of total fixed rental costs.

This is a huge amount all things considered.

In Miami, San Diego, Chicago and Philadelphia, it would pay more than 90%.

In Houston, Airbnb’s private room would be enough to pay the full rent of two rooms at an average occupancy rate of 64%.

Is Airbnb Profitable For Host – How Many Days Do You Need to Book?

In many cities, it is possible to gain profitable rent in a two-bedroom apartment with around 20 days of reservations per month.

In Miami and Philadelphia, for example, the Airbnb host could pay the full rent in a two-bedroom apartment by filling one of the rooms for 21 days a month.

In San Diego, 24 days a month would pay the rent.

However, you would need to reach these numbers by reaching above-average occupancy rates.

Then, before you start getting guest bookings and make a listing of your spareroom on Airbnb, remember the time commitment involved.

Importantly, Airbnb requires careful management and active participation.

In general, a new Airbnb host can expect occupancy rates (and revenues) to be at least 15% lower than those listed.


Summary: Airbnb Full-Apartment Listings

For Airbnb hosts who want to earn full-time earnings from rental properties, full apartment rentals are the way to go.

The rates for the total apartments are well above the rates for individual rooms and the income after cost falls between $15,000 and $ 31,000 in our analysis.

The coastal cities were the best cities: San Diego and Miami.

On the other hand, while San Francisco and New York participate in the highest night prices, at $247 and $ 233 respectively, the additional revenues come with costs and taxes.

Despite that, this means that there is an opportunity for tenants or homeowners in those cities with an annual rent (or mortgage payments) lower than the amounts mentioned above.


Top Airbnb Cities in US

The capital of Texas is one of the most popular Airbnb markets.

It has a nationally acclaimed musical and artistic scene, excellent food and four seasons.

In addition, festivals such as SXSW and Austin City Limrooms are looking for large crowds across the country.

In fact, a significant number of Airbnb hosts in Austin only rent their rooms and apartments during festivals and rates during festivals that can be divided several times more than what is normally charged.

A number of residents collect more than $ 1,000 nights during SXSW, which attracts more than 130,000 people in a city with only 30,000 hotel rooms (and only 7,000 in the downtown area).

Miami, San Francisco, New York and LA are also very popular.



This is a great opportunity to earn money as a part-time side hustle that grows and grows.

However, it also requires your time commitment and you have to get a feel for how Airbnb will really work where you live.

Interestingly, even two private Airbnb hosts living next door to each other can pull-in different rates per night.

If you ask is Airbnb profitable for host, you also have to look at the number of reviews and extra touches that the host is giving because you can increase your rates for this.

In conclusion, active hosts can expect a much better occupancy rate than that, but a lower price for most of the year.


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