What is the Best Prepaid Credit Card for International Travel?

When planning a trip, chances are you’re thinking about the cost. Next, you’re probably thinking about the best card to use to get the most points for your trip. But here’s the problem with using a credit card on the go: You can exaggerate (yes, supposedly pun intended) your expenses. So now we will give you tips for the question, ‘What is the best prepaid credit card for international travel?’

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What is the Best Prepaid Credit Card for International Travel? 1


What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is similar to a debit card: it is only attached to any checking account. You sign up for the card, load it in cash, and use it like you would any other debit or credit card. Prepaid cards are generally as secure as a credit or debit card, as they are protected by signature or PIN at the time of purchase. Prepaid cards have their place and are not the ultimate solution to any financial situation. But in many circumstances, like travel, they play a vital role.


The best prepaid credit cards for international travelers

1. Netspend® Visa® prepaid card

This is not only one of the best prepaid cards for travel, but it is one of the most popular general prepaid cards. However, be alert as it applies to some good rates and may not make sense if you are using it for a trip.


The Netspend® Visa® prepaid card offers four different ways to load your card with cash: direct deposit, mobile check load, reloading sites (over 130,000), and cash transfers from other Netspend cardholders. It’s a great added value for someone traveling, as it makes it much easier to load cash onto your card wherever you are. The card also comes with a mobile app with tools to help you manage your money on a day-to-day basis.

A typical banking application has all the features you would expect, for example, transaction information and the ability to take a picture of a check to deposit. When you access your account online, you get even more features like budgeting tools. You can also receive text message transaction alerts and up to a $ 10 “cushion” if you spend too much on the card. Netspend also offers a number of benefits, something not normally seen with prepaid cards. Payment rewards are back on the card, meaning cash back and personalized offers when you use your card. You can get a balance increase to redirect friends, and Netspend even offers you a savings account with a healthy 5.00 percent APY on balances up to $ 1,000.

2. Prepaid Master Card FamZoo

OK, so FamZoo is a slightly different option for prepaid cards. I met the founder, Bill, at FinCon a few years ago and he is very passionate about his product. It’s also very in-depth with the features, so I’m going to cover the highlights for you.


FamZoo’s primary goal is to teach children to save money and time for busy families. But the product works great for traveling, especially with the family. FamZoo allows you to assign primary and secondary roles within the card system provided to you. This allows you as a parent to control the accounts and the cash rules contained in them. This would be nice if you were trying to get your kids to go shopping.  While on vacation but trying to limit their spending.

Other convenient features include instant and scheduled transfers between cards.  Activity alerts (great for knowing what your kids are buying and where).  The ability to lock and unlock cards and refund buy.


Final Tips

With most prepaid cards, you’ll have to spend a little on fees, especially transaction fees abroad. These are determined by Visa and Mastercard, not by the prepaid card issuer. That said, you have three great prepaid travel card options above based on what you’re looking for. If you only take a few trips and can close your account later. If you want to use the card only for your trip and need checks, go with Green Dot. Finally, if your family is with you on your trips, be sure to visit FamZoo.

Before you go, I hope this article with tips about what is the best prepaid credit card for international travel is helpful for you.



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