What If You Stopped Washing Your Hands for 6 Months?

What would happen if you stop washing your hands? Let’s say you stopped washing your hands for half a year. Would you suffer from any unpleasant consequences? In fact, you would, and the results would be much more severe than you could ever imagine. For example, the fecal matter could get to your food! Oh, yuck! Your food would most likely get contaminated on the very same day when you stopped washing your hands. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bacteria found in fecal matter can make you very sick, very fast.

By the way, only 19% of people all over the world wash their hands after using the restroom. Shall we improve these statistics?

You would suffer from food poisonings 1:02
Your eyes would be constantly infected 1:35
You would be infecting other people 2:12
The fecal matter could get to your food 2:59
Your immune system would suffer 3:42
You could get hepatitis A 4:40
You could catch Epstein-Barr 5:28
You would often suffer from diarrhea 6:38
Your hands would be smelly and dirty 7:26
How to wash your hands correctly 8:38

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– If you stopped washing your hands before cooking or having a meal, you would start to suffer from food poisonings already in a few days.
– In several days after you stopped washing your hands, your eyes would start to itch. It would mean one very unpleasant thing: pink eye, aka conjunctivitis.
– If you didn’t wash your hands, in a week or even sooner, you would start to spread respiratory diseases, such as flu or a common cold, as well as gastrointestinal infections.
– You might take someone’s pen covered in germs, touch your face afterward, and get infected in no time. The best way to protect yourself from this danger is to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.
– One day, you might notice that your urine became dark and your skin got a slight tinge of yellow. Besides, you would suffer from vomiting and nausea. These are the symptoms of a serious illness called hepatitis A.
– Not only fecal matter but also saliva or urine would end up on your food if you didn’t wash your hands anymore. Exactly these substances carry such terrifying diseases as cytomegalovirus, which can cause severe neurological damage in babies and people with a weakened immune system, typhoid, which causes severe intestinal irritation, and Epstein-Barr.
– If you chose to neglect this important hygiene procedure, germs accumulated on your hands would become a perfect source of Salmonella germs, norovirus, and E.coli. All these bacteria cause bad cases of diarrhea.
– If you stopped washing your hands, they would look pretty appalling because dirt would accumulate on them, as well as under your nails. Makeup residue and oil would also gather under your fingernails.
– Experts recommend using liquid soap because, unlike soap bars, it doesn’t have bacteria on its surface.

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