This Is How "THANOS" Josh Brolin Spends His Millions

Who is the actor behind Thanos? Well, Josh Brolin is someone who has led quite an interesting life. You may not be aware of how interesting, but anyone who has watched Brolin act knows that there’s a lot of history behind those eyes that have become Thanos, Cable, George W. Bush, Jonah Hex, Dan White, Llewelyn Moss and many other dark, brooding characters.

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Back to Josh Brolin’ story.
Brolin is not dark or brooding in regular life; he’s a gregarious, down to Earth guy in spite of his rocky past. He also has no pretensions about the industry in which he’s thrived and will actually disparage his own acting talent and actors in general when asked about the subject in interviews. If you don’t think that Brolin sounds like the kind of guy who will spend absurd sums on fancy houses, cars, and jewelry, you would be right. So what does Brolin spend his millions of dollars on?

This is what the above video will be trying to uncover. Brolin’s a man who doesn’t divulge is spending habits – not because he’s secretive, but because he doesn’t consider this stuff important enough to mention. However, we did a bit of digging and found some very interesting financial deals made by Brolin, which added more layers to the already oniony actor. For instance, did you know that he was once in a gang that specialized in stealing radios from cars and reselling them on the black market? This is just one of dozens of such revelations about the man who is enthralling moviegoers as Thanos and Cable, and you’d be remiss not to learn about the parts of Brolin’s life and personality that are covered by makeup, costumes, and CGI.

With that being said, let’s dive right into the financial habits of one of Hollywood’s most unpretentious and bankable stars.

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