What Can I Do To Make Money?

Do you also want to know the answer to what can I do to make money?

Some weeks ago, I asked the entrepreneurs from our community the way they earn money.

Their answers were amazing and showed exactly how creative our generation became with regards to our income in the very best years of our lives.

Consequently, today, I’d like to discuss 10 creative ways which we’ve found to earn money that contributes towards more passive income.

What Can I Do To Make Money Fast Online?

1. Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals

You may rent out a room or your entire home through the night, week, or month.

Cash in on that next event in your city or if you live near an airport it will be a success.

Note, with this method you are getting into the property market.

Yet, everything is managed online or using the Airbnb app.

Plus they send you a constant stream of guests/tenants and I think that is great.


2. Rent a Grandmother

Contemplate joining Rent a Grandma  – Heres a way to discuss two of your best features: your love and your wisdom.

You are able to upload a profile to the Rent a Grandma web site and begin accepting tasks from families for childcare, elderly care, tutoring, being a personal assistant, and much more.

You negotiate job duties and payment directly with the households.

You might even begin a franchise locally or nationwide. We checked.

The world is waiting for you!

Seriously, I would love to hire grandmas if this were in my area.


3. Housesitting

Attempt International housesitting. I met a new entrepreneur who does this while starting her blog.

It allowed her to travel to the UK, Brazil, Spain and other places.

Imagine spending a couple of weeks in a luxury condominium in Singapore, Thailand, a secluded beach house to the island of Roatan, or a restored castle from the French countryside.

An increasing number of people are getting paid to journey through housesitting sites.

Determine the best ways of getting paid to stay rent-free from exotic places you’ve always wanted to see.


4. Sell Your Photos

You might already have heard about this moneymaker as I mentioned it previously.

Get snapping!

Then you can sell your quality photos on stock image websites.

Bear in mind they prefer the use of a professional camera.

Or you can use a photo-selling app for your iPhone images.


5. Get Paid for Copywriting

You do not need to be a novelist to write copy.

Turn your words into cash as a wide range of copywriting web sites like Upwork, Copify, or Indeed.

Additionally, London Brokers is perfect for a learn-by-doing opportunity.

They have easy-to-follow tutorials, live support, a lot of topics to select from, plus they pay twice a week to your PayPal account.

The quicker and more efficient you get, the more you get paid!


6. Freelancing

You may also use Upwork to look for editing, copywriting along with other creative jobs.

But did you know you can also join it for sales jobs, translating and professional services such as accounting, consulting and law?

It is now easier than ever to work as a remote team member and it is more affordable for small businesses to pay freelancers when they’re bootstrapping.

This means an ample amount of opportunities for you to apply for.


7. Sell Handmade Products Online

Join the microbusiness movement with your very own store on Etsy.

We love Etsy since it empowers creative individuals who want to be solo entrepreneur and gives them a platform to work from.

Plus you have control over your own unique style of goods.

Get motivated to make a side hustle or be capable to quit your day job.

Don’t let the competition scare you away, there’s room for every idea!


8. Sell Custom Products Online

In case your mates marvel at your witty one-liners, you are able to turn your sass into money at Cafe Press or Zazzle.

Open a shop, upload images, artwork, graphics, or text, select which products to feature, and get paid.


9. Online Tutoring

You’ll need to be knowledgeable from the subject you would like to tutor, but do not necessarily need a degree in it however they appreciate that too.

Tutoring is a great opinion for people who are used to a career in education, social work or customer service related industries.

This is because it is an easier transition to self employed work doing something you are familiar with.

Choose the tasks that you think are a good match for you and much get paid to help others.


10. Start An Ecommerce Business

Lastly, if you are still wondering what can I do to make money online after reading this list, you can join Shopify for free.

This will allow you to start your own ecommerce store and they guide you step-by-step.

It is possible to be up and running using the free trial in under 30 minutes!

Money can be made like the flick of a wrist.

Remember, if you are going to start an ecommerce business then chances are your best bet is to learn more about dropshipping and how to make money online.

For more information on what can I do to make money check out our Entrepreneur category.

Faithful in your success!


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