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Money Making Sites: 7 Essentials Tips

Creating money making sites day in and out is hard – but very rewarding!

Whether you starting your first money making website or you’re hundredth, it’s important to have the basic tips to remember that you’re maximizing the earnings from your website.

Copy this list and refer to it often once you are developing a website.

Here are 7 tips for your own money making sites:

1. A niche

You’re readers and audience are the base of your money making website, so it is important to get targeted.

Don’t be afraid to get specific about your niche.

Your niche selection will determine your success, so this is a must for your checklist.


2. An appealing design

Even though your topic and your niche are significant in whether or not your website is successful, the design is essential.

Your website visitors will click away quite quickly if the design looks overwhelming or unappealing.

Whether you use HTML or WordPress, ensure your design is appealing.


3. Lots of content

Content is the heart of your money making website.

You want to create content in a scheduled and repeated routine.

Do it every single day if you can.

Make it a habit of posting content that is new at least one time a week.

Therefore,  having a blog on your website can make this easy to implement.

You can plan out your content ahead of time and use an auto-scheduler like Blog2Social to post to your site regularly while you’re sleeping or travelling.


4. A money-making component

Evidently, the part that really brings you income and sustains your online business is the money making component.

For example, you can make money from display advertisements, affiliate marketing or your own products.

I do each of these and my own product is a digital course! Check it out here: Affiliates Lead Generation Bootcamp.

Moreover, it’s not only me doing this.

Many website owners use a combination of all three!

When you are planning your website view it as a business and you should think about your money making an element.


5. An email list

Building your list for a money earning website is essential to deepening your connection with your audience.

You can give value and showcase your business experience.

In addition, open up and tell your subscribers more about your true self!

By offering a free report or autoresponder course to your website traffic, you can attract your visitor’s information and market to them after they leave your website.

You can start your email with a free trial from Aweber here

When you start, offer something enticing to get folks to sign up for your list.


6. Social media links

Social media is a critical part of advertising these days.

And your money making website shouldn’t be without networking touchpoints.

To explain, publish links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so website visitors can get in touch with you.

Be certain you’re busy on the social networks too!

(Not just busy, but productive when it comes to syndicating your useful website content).

There nothing worse than taking the time to create a networking presence that is social and not following through with communicating with people.


7. Contact our privacy policy

There are many money making sites out there that skip this part of the website.

You need to let your website visitors know that you a real person and that you aren’t going to use their private information they may give in a way to you.

Your privacy policy will assure your audience to follow you.

Lastly, remember to include relevant FTC disclaimers if you are promoting companies and affiliate products on your website.

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