Valentines Gifts that Don’t Cost Money

In our society, we typically equate great gifts with great money. But you don’t have to spend lavishly on a gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s often the low or no-cost presents that are most important at any rate. So right now we talk about valentines gifts that don’t cost money.

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Valentine’s Gift Without Any Cost:


  1. Make a slideshow starring you

You most likely have hundreds, possibly thousands of digital photos of you two grinning and kissing and doing fun things. Create a slideshow that tells the story of your relationship and exhibits a portion of your highlights. Set it to music, load it up, and you’ve got something you can both watch over and over.
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  1. Tell them why you love them

Utilize the alphabet to name things that you cherish or appreciate about your partner. For instance, adjacent to “A” you might write: “you appreciate other individuals”. Next to B you might write: “you are Brave”. Your partner will cherish getting this. You could likewise utilize Post-It notes to do this. Enlist the assistance of an associate or roommate. After you’ve rounded out a stack of notes, send these Post-It notes to your associate and request that the person in question plant them around your adoration’s office or apartment for them to discover on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Make a playlist

Truly, this is the better than ever form of “make them a blended tape”. Pick music you think your affection will appreciate. Sort out them into a Spotify playlist (or utilize another playlist website) to play during their commute or while they’re making supper at the finish of a taxing day.


  1. Send the scent of you

Did you realize that your feeling of smell can release amazing emotions and recollections? That’s on the grounds that the nerves that conduct information about smell interface straight into the zone of your mind that is associated with creating recollections and handling emotion. You can tap into this to your advantage by sending your cherished something that scents like you. Take a shirt that you effectively claim, wear it, shower on some more scent, aftershave, or deodorant and send it to them.


  1. Make and send treats

It’s constantly amusing to get sweet treats via the post office from your significant other. It’s much progressively unique on the off chance that they actually made them. In case you’re strapped for money, focus in and snatch a moving pin. You could generally make the traditional group favorite, chocolate chip treats. Be that as it may, in the event that you’d prefer to get a little increasingly adventurous (or if your partner lives far away) try this formula for Anzac Biscuits.


  1. Give them time and attention

Suggest that you have a normal “themed” Skype date once per week for a month. You pick the themes together. You could pick a book for you both to peruse and examine, pick something to watch together on YouTube, discover a progression of questions to ask or reply, or play web based games. There are such a significant number of approaches to fill four dates with fun moments that go past day by day chatter.


  1. Make them a message in a bottle

Got a wine bottle lying around? Wash it out and get creative. Make your own one of a kind message in a bottle. Put an individual note inside or an exceptional sonnet. In the event that you want to get uber-creative you could create a riddle or draw an individual treasure map? What sort of treasure would you be wanting them to discover?? All things considered, that’s for you to choose.


  1. Send individual “kind notes” for seven days

Email them consistently for the week paving the way to Valentine’s Day with an individual “kind note”. Pick a quote about adoration or a lyric. Tell them something that made you think of them this week. Offer an uncommon moment from the past including them. Send them your ABCD list of things you love about them. Make sure to hold back something special for later and end with a strike against Valentine’s Day.


  1. Make an affection diary

In the event that you have a clear notebook lying around, think about repurposing it as an adoration diary. Spread it with wrapping paper or decorate it some other way. In case you’re in a long-distance relationship, expedite it with you visits or trips. Trade it to and fro and use it to write notes or letters to one another. You can likewise utilize it to keep a scrapbook of your encounters together. In the event that you write one note to one another during each visit, it won’t be some time before your little book will be flooding with adoration and recollections.

In case you’re living respectively, try writing a note to one another consistently for an entire year. At the year’s end, you’ll have a treasure trove of recollections to think back on together.



I hope that this helps you with valentines gifts that don’t cost money. If none of the ideas above are exciting for you, buy your loved one his/her favourite luxury brands with this app that gives you cashback for your shopping. It’s a better way to shop online and get money in your pocket. Win win!



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