Top Gig Economy Companies

6 Top Gig Economy Companies

Most of the top gig economy companies are actually gig websites and micro job sites. I will tell you how it works in this article.


Why Use Gig Economy Companies?

Regardless if you’re a buyer or a seller, micro gig sites do a lot in work in your favor.

There are various things which utilizing these web sites may do for you in the broader scheme of things.

You simply need to understand how they work, and how to use them to your benefit.

As a buyer, there are many benefits to using the top gig economy companies.

First, you may get a small service that you need done completed at a more reasonable charge.

This is much better than it sounds because you’re protected throughout the site.

In case the work delivered doesn’t meet your standards, you could send it back to be fixed before payment is made to the seller.

This way you’re guaranteed quality work. Second of all, and more importantly, micro gig sites give you the capability to try out services before you purchase them from a freelancer.

If you’re in a rush, below are 6 interesting gig economy company websites you can check:

  1. Latium – Cypto meets gig economy, get rewards for each small task and cash out
  2. Fiverr – The infamous $5 gig site, you probably have an account already
  3. Humanatic – Get paid to listen to phone calls
  4. MicroWorkers – Small tasks and gigs online
  5. Guru – Small companies hire professional freelancers
  6. Amazon Mechanical Turk – Officially run by the trusted


Gig Economy Advantages and Disadvantages


For Buyers:

You’ll need to pay for the micro gig, of course.

But a few dollars is a lot better to spend on a failed project than a few hundred dollars down the drain because you chose a bad freelance for a large project.

One advantage is that these sites give you a way to get to know a freelancer and their quality of work before you get yourself into that kind of long-term or large scale situation.


For Sellers:

As a seller, you also have advantages to using micro gig sites.

For one thing, you’ll open up a brand new income stream, one that may be quite profitable if you become a prominent salesman or have a featured gig.

The gig can be purchased by multiple people again and again, so publishing a concert can earn you a lot of money. You’ll be amazed at how rapidly it adds up.

However, the biggest disadvantage is that the income may not be reliable and there is no job security, unlike a traditional employment role.

Despite that, another thing you’ll notice with micro gig sites is that you develop the skill to gain new clients on your own.

For instance, if somebody buys your micro gig and likes your work, you might be capable to convince them to employ you for bigger projects off-site later on.

Once you’ve made contact on the micro gig site, it’s simple to take your company off the site.

This way you can gain long-term clients in a risk-free environment.

Lastly, like all bid for work sites, most micro gig sites protect the sellers by making certain they’re paid for their services.

The buyer has to pay the site in advance for the service, and the seller receives the money released to them when the project is complete.

There’s no risk of not being paid for your services with these web sites.

In conclusion, it’s no wonder why the top gig economy companies are getting increasingly more popular.


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