The Mystery of the Disappeared Bodies of the Titanic

The titan of the sea, the great unsinkable ship that sank – over a century later, the mystery of the Titanic is still being studied to this day. Only a third of the ship’s passengers survived, while over 1,500 lost their lives. But out of all those casualties, only 340 bodies were recovered. So, the question remains: what happened to the remaining 1,160?

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Why there were only 20 lifeboats 0:32
Why the Titanic’s lookouts didn’t see the iceberg 1:32
Why the ship was sailing at an unsafe speed 2:25
Why some of the bodies weren’t found 2:56
The Unsinkable Molly Brown 4:32
Lucky Lawrence Beesley 5:46
How Violet Constance Jessop survived… twice 6:26
Who were on the first lifeboat 7:20

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– The Titanic didn’t have enough lifeboats for all its passengers. There were only 20, and they needed 60 to be able to carry everybody on board to safety.
– Perhaps those poor souls could’ve been rescued from the bone-chilling waters a lot sooner if the closest ships passing by the Titanic’s crash site had seen the flairs and other distress signals being sent.
– The ship was also moving much faster than the speed it was built for. The reason for this was that the ship’s owner, White Star Line, didn’t want to fall behind schedule.
– Only hours after the Titanic sank, a massive storm came over the ocean. The currents and winds would’ve swept many bodies up to 50 miles away from the crash site.
– Of course, there were those victims that went down with the ship, and they had no chance of being retrieved. As for the bodies that were recovered, some were given a proper burial at sea if there wasn’t room for them on the rescue ship.
– The brave and selfless woman earned herself the nickname “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” and after the ship went down, she tried her best to get as many passengers as she could into the lifeboats.
– There was also author, journalist, and teacher, Lawrence Beesley. He later wrote a book that brought him a lot of success called The Loss of the SS Titanic.
– Another survivor was Violet Constance Jessop, who was a stewardess on the ship. Jessop hadn’t planned to work on the Titanic until her friends convinced her to apply for the job.
– Dorothy Gibson, a beautiful American singer, model, and silent film actress was also a survivor of the Titanic. Gibson was one of the richer and more famous aboard the ship.

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