Alaska Triangle Is the New Bermuda Triangle

While we’re still trying to figure out the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, another one has emerged. Yes, folks, as it turns out, the Bermuda Triangle has a partner in crime, it’s even bigger than you’d expect, and it’s really cool!

This triangle is located in Alaska; and it’s responsible for thousands of plane disappearances, boats and even people. Now, there are a lot of theories about what might be causing people to disappear. Some say it’s that Alaska is located in a vortex; some others say that mysterious creatures are behind these disappearances; and some even mention UFOs…

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Thousands (❗️) of missing people 1:22
Bigfoot? 👣 2:29
Otterman theory 4:43
A plane that came across UFOs 5:32
Vortexes with strong electromagnetic fields 🌪 6:41
Is there any logical explanation? 8:01
Disappeared politicians 9:27

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– The triangle starts in the southeast, close to Yakutat and Juneau, then it goes all the way up north near the Barrow mountain region, and it ends near the city of Anchorage.
– Both tourists who visit the area to explore the mysterious triangle, and locals, go missing every year without any trace.
– To add to the mystery, there were a lot of planes that completely vanished or even crashed without any explanation to what happened.
– At some point, some people began believing a different fictional creature was to blame for these disappearances – yup, Big Foot.
– But Bigfoot has been described as a very peaceful, and almost friendly, creature that likes to live in remote areas. And if Bigfoot is exactly how people in Alaska have reported him to be, he could’ve been responsible for those disappearances.
– Another theory claims that Otterman is behind all the Alaska Triangle disappearances.
– In 1986, there was a plane flying from Iceland to Anchorage, when it came across not 1, not 2, but three UFOs.
– Even the air traffic controllers were able to spot the mysterious UFOs on their radar, which were approximately 5 miles away from the plane.
– According to some speculations, a lot of people believe that the triangle is located in large, aggressive vortexes with extra strong electromagnetic fields, currents and anomalies.
– The whole state of Alaska is covered in hazardous mountains, poisonous flora, wild and dangerous animals, and let’s not forget it’s unforgiving weather conditions
– According to recent reports, Alaska has twice the number of missing people than the national average, and what’s even spookier is the fact that it has the largest number of people who went missing and were never found.
– One of the things that brought the Alaska Triangle to people’s attentions was a flight that went missing almost 50 years ago. It was in October of 1972, when an aircraft that was carrying two politicians vanished into thin air.

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