The best free accounting software for self employed

With free accounting software you can simplify your accounting tasks. If you still don’t know which one to choose, in this post we’ll tell you what you need to know about this topic. This way, you can take off some of the burden of having to do the bookkeeping without help. Here are choices for the best free accounting software for self employed.

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What is accounting software?

Before saying what is the best free accounting software, it is necessary to specify what it is and what this program is for. Let’s start; accounting software is a program that focuses on simplifying the accounting tasks of any business or entrepreneur.

Now, almost all accountants must use one of these programs, why? Because in a world where digital is advancing faster every day, there is no opportunity to be left behind, besides, accounting software ensures efficiency to obtain a better profit.

Of course, do not think that this program will solve your life one hundred percent. It is true that the tasks and activities are solved by themselves but it will still be necessary the figure of the accountant if you want to get an interpretation and control of the data.

The best free accounting software

It is difficult to speak of single accounting software as the best, so we will mention four of these and let you be the one to choose the one you think is the best. We will also mention the strengths of each of them.


Akaunting is free accounting software that has been very popular in the last year. If your business is small and growing this software is perfect. You will be able to manage your business finances without underperforming or encountering any problems with the platform.

  • Customer management: you can create your own customer portal from which you will have the facility to customize profiles to send invoices.
  • Supplier management: you can create your own profiles to make payments and transactions more convenient.
  • Tax configuration: if you think it is necessary, you can link all your products to the required taxes.
  • Invoicing: you can send your customers their invoices and payments online at no additional cost.
  • Bank account creation: if you need to create bank accounts, you can do so at any time while tracking balances.
  • Financial reports: when you need to make a decision in the financial aspect reports are very necessary so with Akaunting you can detail all the pertinent details.
  • Multi-currency invoicing: Akaunting converts any currency into the main currency so you don’t have to worry about currency exchange rates.
  • Invoices: you can send any invoice by accessing any customer’s portal. For this you need a special password that the software provides you with.

The design of the software is very comfortable and it is designed to interact with any modern technology. Moreover, you can enjoy it at no cost; it is completely free of charge. And if you do not want to use it from the computer you can download the application and be more comfortable.


It is one of the most prestigious and oldest companies in terms of accounting software. This company has come a long way to get to where it is today and has achieved incredible results.

If you are looking for software that is elegant, simple to use, useful and works for large sums of money, Contpaqi is the one for you. With this software you are getting quality and security for both you and your customers.


Since its launch date, it has been growing and creating quality in the financial environment. However, there is a lot of competition and that is why the service they offer to their customers is one of the most innovative.

All the information stored in their servers has good mobility and if you do not want to use the software on the computer you can download the phone application.


This company has become one of the most famous for self employed people, try it here for free. If your company is small or you work by yourself and you do not know how to master the situation you need to use Freshbooks to send your invoices on tome.

Just like the previous ones, Freshbooks also has a cell phone app that you can download if you want to use it while you are in the comfort of your home.

What good accounting software should have

There are a few things that all accounting software, whether free or paid, should have. Among those things we have cloud service, application analytics, invoicing, etc. But for you to have this clearer we will tell you in detail what is necessary.

More for the best free accounting software for self employed:

1. Simplicity or complexity of use

The interface is a key point in all accounting software because if it is too complicated it is boring and annoying for users. However, there are some that have a complex interface and are still among the best in the world.

On the other hand, it is necessary for the businessman to be able to keep good accounting and make savings with his new software. With a complex interface this can be more difficult.

2. Automatic invoice provision

If the software does not have the option of automatic invoicing discard it immediately. Electronic invoices are very useful in these times where you have to send the cost to a customer who is in another city.

It is necessary that companies join the process of digitizing every financial process. This way your company will have more opportunity to grow.

3. Automatic policy capture

The capture of policies is a fundamental issue in any accounting software. You must ensure that the program can add, modify or discard any of the balances that accumulate between policies.

4. Automatic Tax Calculation

Some accounting software applications leave much to be desired in this area. It is important that the automatic tax calculation be secure and stable, with no room for error. Remember that a plus or minus zero can get you into trouble when filing taxes.

5. Good synchronization

It is always necessary that the synchronization between clients and company data is perfect. Check if the specifications of the software you are going to install ensure a good synchronization.

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