Best Apps for Self-Employed Taxes

The best tax apps are a great way to simplify your life when you don’t need to pay an accountant to file your tax returns. This article is for you if you want to know about self-employed apps. Get clued up on 5 of the best apps for self-employed taxes.

This is especially true if you are self-employed and want to be on top of everything. Some tax apps even allow cost and mileage tracking. All tax applications take almost the same time to go through the tax filing process, although some applications may automatically complete certain tax forms and offer live assistance to speed up the process. If you want to claim back your refund, some applications also offer it.

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5 Best amazing Apps for self-Employed Taxes

1. TaxAct Express:

TaxAct Express is the best overall tax app because it offers reasonable prices and a solid free package. Most apps charge about $ 40 to pay your filing fees using your tax return, but this app only costs $ 17.99 if your refund is directly deposited. TaxAct, founded in 1998 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, provides tax preparation software that facilitates electronic filing with its TaxAct Express application. It is available through its web interface, and in the App Store (4.4 stars) and the Google Play store (3.9 stars). People enjoy their competitively priced packages and the ability to pay filing fees using their tax refund much cheaper than other top-ranked tax apps.

2. Credit Karma:

Credit is the best tax-free application option for Karma because it is 100% free from start to finish. If you have the Karma Credit app, you already have access to all available tax filing features. Filing is also relatively quick, as long as you don’t have a complicated tax case. Credit Karma is a personal finance company that is part of Intuit. Many people use it to monitor their credit scores and accounts and don’t realize that you can file your taxes with it, for free. The tax filing feature is available directly from the Credit Karma app. All you have to do is click on the three bars in the upper right corner to get started.

3. Quickbooks:

If you are a business owner, it is best to use a tax application designed specifically for your tax situation. QuickBooks Self-Employed is a tax application that offers business expense tracking and tax filing. You can even make your estimated quarterly tax payments through the app. QuickBooks is a leader in accounting software, and its freelance app integrates seamlessly with TurboTax. With this app, you can track personal and business expenses, mileage, and you can send and track invoices, which makes it better for business owners.

4. H&R Block:

H&R Block Tax Prep and File is the best tax app for live support because it offers online help, where you can get unlimited help from tax experts 24/7 during tax season. You can even upload all your documents to the app and have your tax professional file your taxes.

5. YNAB:

Need a Budget (YNAB) is traditionally a great tool as a budgeting app to keep track of your ongoing expenses. When it’s time to file taxes, simply download a Comma Separated Values ​​(CSV) file to share your income and expense spreadsheet with your tax preparer, or you can do it yourself. The best way to prepare is to file taxes during the year. Take a little time to set up your accounts at YNAB and then keep them every time you get paid.

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