Tax Preparation Software for Professionals Reviews

Here is a summary of tax preparation software for professionals reviews. By taking a quick moment to compare the best professional tax software, only tax professionals can benefit. The health of a tax office is ultimately and clearly in its ability to maintain and grow its customer base. Tax professionals know the importance of building a solid business book at all times by providing the best possible services and solutions for their clients. Spending the tax season with the best professional tax software that supports your services and offers the right solutions can make a difference in that regard. With the tax preparation software professional comparison chart and the best tax software reviews, we will help you find the right tax software features, tax professionals and your customers can greatly benefit from the tools, the integration, communication capabilities, applications, which are more manageable.

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5 Tax preparation software for professionals

We compared over a dozen tax software programs and narrowed it down to five. Tax software is the core of a tax preparation business, and the best tax software for tax preparers includes preparing individual and business returns. Additionally, tax preparers can work effectively with the integration and collaboration of accounting software through the use of a secure customer portal.

1. Lacerte

Lacerte by Intuit is the best general tax software for tax preparers. Lacerte’s base price starts at $ 447 and will increase based on your custom needs. Lacerte has more features and digital integration compared to other tax software. For example, Lacerte can import data from the desktop and online versions of QuickBooks, as well as practice management software like OfficeTools. No other product on our list integrates with these three programs.

2. Drake

Drake offers the largest tax preparation functionality in one package. Although Drake lacks advanced software integration, accountants can efficiently prepare tax returns in a desktop environment. Due to Drake’s attractive pricing ($ 1,695 for its Unlimited Top-Line Package) Drake is well suited for tax firms preparing large volumes of individual and business tax returns.

3. ProConnect Tax online

ProConnect Tax Online is best for accountants whose clients use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self-employee. This is because ProConnect Tax Online is tightly integrated with QuickBooks Online Accountant. ProConnect Tax Online has a pay-per-return price ($ 20.95 to $ 54.95) with no annual fee. ProConnect can import Excel files and download 1099 customer data from financial institutions.

4. CCH Axcess

CCH Axcess is the best professional tax software for tax accountants who have a programmer or software developer on staff who can customize tax software. What makes CCH Axcess unique is its innovative Data Axcess API, which allows you to develop your own custom tools or add third-party tools developed by others. CCH Axcess has advanced features like UltraTax and Lacerte. Unlike most other providers, CCH Axcess does not have prices on its website.

5. ProSeries Professional

ProSeries Professional is ideal for accountants looking for desktop software with a forms-based interface. Pricing for ProSeries starts at $ 489 and has more features and functionality compared to other professional tax software programs that have a forms-based interface. Lacerte has more advanced features and faster QuickBooks integration, but it also costs more.


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