Cheapest Tax Software for Tax Professionals

Do you want the cheapest tax software for tax professionals? There are five main tax preparation software packages on the market that most tax preparers will use for you. Each one has different editions with different characteristics. As a result, it is necessary to compare competitive versions between suppliers, not just prices. Each of these providers has a very attractive free package. But these options only cover the most basic tax situations, so make sure you know what you’re looking for when buying.

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5 of the Best Tax Software for Professionals:


1.Karma Credit Tax

Credit Karma Tax is a relatively new service offered by Credit Karma and has certainly made a great impact. Their tax filing service is simple and we think we can sum it up in two simple returns.

Whether you’re filing as someone with only a W-2, or you’re self-employed and need Schedule C and itemized deductions, Karma Credit Tax has you covered. Any file you have is free from start to finish, or choose somewhere else to file your taxes.

2. TurboTax

TurboTax is highly prized in the self-prepared income tax universe, and is the most popular tax software. But there are four different editions (five if it includes Live), and you must choose the correct one for your tax situation. Otherwise, you will need to update.

3. Lacerte

Lacerte by Intuit is the best general tax software for tax preparers. Lacerte’s base price starts at $ 447 and will increase based on your custom needs. Lacerte has more features and digital integration compared to other tax software. For example, Lacerte can import data from the desktop and online versions of QuickBooks, as well as practice management software like OfficeTools. No other product on our list integrates with these three programs.

4. Drake

Drake offers the largest tax preparation functionality in one package. Although Drake lacks advanced software integration, accountants can efficiently prepare tax returns in a desktop environment. Due to Drake’s attractive pricing ($ 1,695 for its top-of-the-line unlimited package) Drake is well suited for tax firms preparing large volumes of individual and business tax returns.

5. ProConnect Tax online

ProConnect Tax Online is best for accountants whose clients use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self-employee. This is because ProConnect Tax Online is tightly integrated with QuickBooks Online Accountant. ProConnect Tax Online has a pay-per-return price ($ 20.95 to $ 54.95) with no annual fee. ProConnect can import Excel files and download 1099 customer data from financial institutions.


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