Start a Tax Business With No EFIN

Here is information on how to start a tax business with no EFIN.

The tax season begins in January, so it’s almost here and more than half of the 300 million Americans will be looking for a person to prepare their tax returns.

If you are thinking of starting a tax preparation business, now is the time to do it.

There is a market of approximately 150 million US citizens, who will be prepared to prepare their taxes for a fee.

There will still be a demand for tax business services, as the population of the United States.

Time for busy business owners keeps decreasing.

There are no indications that the Tax Code is simplified or that existing taxes will be reduced.

People who are always afraid and confused about filing their returns will only seek their services every tax season.

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and the difficulties it entails, many people will think they could do their own taxes, but end up seeking help.

Of course, you cannot expect to succeed in your tax business overnight.

You will have to work hard before you can make a profit.

But the most important thing is that you start now.

Preparing other people’s taxes is a job for life.

You can decide to start part-time or begin working full time.

This means that you can choose to work only during the tax season, which is between January and April.

Or plan a year of work, since companies must file their returns every quarter.

How To Start a Tax Business With No EFIN:

Below are things you need to start a tax business. There are some things you can do to prepare with no EFIN, but you will need to obtain this at some point in time with the IRS.

  • First, you must have an education and training in tax preparation.
  • You can choose to learn on campus or enrol in an online course with the support of tutors.
  • Next, find the documents required by the IRS, for example:

(a) PTIN (Prepare the Tax Identification Number) and

(b) EFIN (electronic filing identification number)

The IRS issues these identification numbers and authorizes you to prepare taxes and file them electronically in the electronic services of the agency.

  • Select the best tax preparation software based on the type of tax return you will work from, from a basic software package to basically.
  • This should help you prepare taxes efficiently and quickly.
  • You will also need space for an office.
  • Personal and business taxes are important documents, so you should have a place to work on them and have a meeting with your clients.
  • A perfect home office works to start your business; and as you get more clients, you may want to expand to a real brick and mortar office.
  • Nowadays, you will also need a great online lead generation service to constantly deliver potential tax clients to you.


As with other companies, it will be a challenge to start a professional tax business.

As a result, it is a great pleasure to help others to save money on taxes and has many benefits.

The start cost is cheap and to some extent, you can start a tax business with no EFIN.

To begin, get a computer, software and some office supplies and you’re ready to get started.

Your client base will be small, initially, so you will start offering your services to your family and friends and set up online marketing for lead generation.

Over time, these people become regular customers and they will return year after year.

Finally, Make as many people as possible know about your tax preparation business in your state, so you can find and place new customers in your existing customer base.

Faithful in your success! 

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