How To Start a Web Design Business With No Experience

How To Start a Web Design Business With No Experience

Do you know how to start a web design business with no experience and earn an income from it each month?
Beginning a web site design business is among the most lucrative opportunities out there nowadays.

There are plenty of people who want to make websites so the requirements for the services are very high.

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Here are steps on how to start a web design business with no experience to help you take action today:

1) Your Website

Prior to getting started with your very own company, you will need to create your very own web site first.

t always a surprise to me when someone tells me that they do web design, but when asked, they say, ‘No I don’t actually have my own website’.

You would be surprised also at how many times I’ve heard this.

So if you haven’t already, make sure you have a site up and running so you can showcase it to potential clients and describe your services and skills.

If you are worried because you have mo experience, do not be afraid.

By using an easy website builder like WordPress you can quite easily learn the basics of setting up a website in the best way — By actually getting stuck in and trying it out.

If you have no experience I recommend keeping it simple and sticking to the same process with the same templates.

If you want to get paid to blog I highly recommend Bluehost. It will give you the best advantage to earn money with your website. Using my link it starts at only $3.95/month – which is a great offer.  Bluehost is the best web hosting package that gives you a FREE Domain, 1-Click WordPress Installation. Get started here.

What you can do is get simple paid jobs on Fiverr or PeoplePerHour.

People will pay you online to set up a basic website, write their website content or fix small issues.

To avoid bad reviews, don’t overcommit to big web programming jobs if you don’t yet have the skills.

Then as you get more experience doing the simple web design then you can learn more complicated skills if you wish.

You cannot break a website, so go ahead and do your best.

Alternatively, if you already have a boss mindset you can outsource the entire web design process.

Not bad if you have no experience!

How this works is, you find clients who need a website either by word of mouth, Upwork or Craigslist.

You can charge a base amount for a basic website – somewhere between $100 – $300.

And then you can hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you for around $40 – $70.

This is the website arbitrage business.


2) Choosing Your Domain

Subsequently, register your own domain name because this will make you look more professional so that clients are more willing to pay you.

As you already know how to make and design websites you most likely don’t need a lecture at registering a site domain name, etc.

But, if you are a newbie I will give you some key tips about choosing the most acceptable domain name for your business.

I’d suggest choosing a name with the keywords in it.

The reason being is that whenever other websites link to you, they will probably use your domain name as the name of your website.

Popular search engines such as Google look at the anchor text when ranking your website so if people are linking to you along with your keyword filled domain name, this may help increase your ranking.

As as a result, you will get more organic web traffic and sales via your website.

Let’s say you name your website company Top Notch Web Design, then you’d wish to register the domain or any name that includes your keywords.


3) Marketing

You will need to learn digital marketing techniques on how to start a web design business with no experience.

In actuality, it is more important to take action then to learn every technique.

Therefore, you will want to list your website with major directories such as Yahoo and the Open Directory.

The Open Directory is going to get you an automatic Google record.

You can also begin to offer your services in exchange for feedback, testimonials or special offers.

Get Your Design Business Listed at Yahoo – If you have any form of company, you will wish to be listed in Yahoo.

Not many individuals actually search the directory anymore, but it is essential to receive a link here since search engines such as Google are going to rank you higher if they see you have a record in this well-respected directory.

Since your site is for business you’ll have to pay the mandatory $299/yr fee to stay in the directory. But even more important, it gives me an increase with Google.

Moreover, some of the places to start getting target clients include Facebook groups, LinkedIn connections or B2B networking events.

These methods are more free or low-cost.

In addition, one of the best places for bloggers and web designers is Pinterest.

So make sure you are pinning and attracting clients via this powerful site too.

  • I highly recommend Tailwind (free trial) l for automatically promoting your blog on Pinterest and this is the tool I use every single day to double my website traffic.


4) Resell Domain Names and Web Hosting

Most website designers do not take benefit of this next opportunity.

Most reseller programs provide you with your very own customizable website and you get to set that the prices for domain names and website hosting.

This is so that you can control your profit margins.

You can choose which products you would like to offer and you may even customize the reseller site to reflect your main website. I recommend The Bluehost program.

With this affiliate program alone, it is super easy to set up.

They handle all consumer transactions, support, maintenance, etc.

All you do is set your costs and ensure your clients are happy before getting the work done for them.

In summary, the goal of this article is to help you see that you too can take control of your financial future by learning how to start a web design business with no experience.


Faithful in your success!


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