What Can I Claim On My Taxes Self Employed?


Are you concerned about your taxes and thinking what can I claim on my taxes self employed?

It is coming up to that important time of year again.

Tax reductions are not the top priority for many self employed entrepreneurs and individual property investors.


What Can I Claim On My Taxes Self Employed: Understanding Your Figures for Taxes

Tax reductions reduce taxable income but don’t directly reduce taxes.

For example, 10, 000 in additional tax reductions will generate $3, 500 in federal tax savings, assuming a 35% federal tax rate.

Since most need a steady cash flow coming in, increasing real expenses to increase taxation reductions isn’t desirable.

Let’s review fine-tuning the amortization schedule and reclassifying existing expenses to increase deductions.

Firstly, property depreciation is a potent, but underutilized source of taxation discounts.

Property depreciation schedules are generally established by simply dividing land out of the improvements.

It is always wise to speak with a tax professional about these higher-level tax strategies before you do it yourself.



Next, Congress has provided depreciation as a tax deduction to promote property investment and ownership.

Numerous court decisions have provided clear advice for correctly and precisely depreciating property.

Cost segregation can normally increase property depreciation by 50-100% in the first 5-7 decades of ownership.

Owners can also claim a tax deduction windfall for possessions owned a year by catching-up formerly under mentioned depreciation.

After obtaining a cost segregation report, it is possible without presenting any amended tax returns.


Cash Expenditures

Another meaningful source of tax reductions is to scrutinize any cash expenditures that are being capitalized.

Have minor repairs been capitalized in error?

Are there more important repairs that don’t clearly extend the life of a part?

Discussing these things with your accountant can afford extra tax reductions.

Additionally, review items that were capitalized in previous years and ask can you also claim any of them as present year tax discounts?



Child labour could be good when they’re your kids work for you and you claim a tax deduction.

Consult your accountant or CPA however this could generate additional tax reductions of $5,000 per kid, upon which they pay no taxes.



Simply plan a holiday around a company trip for a meeting or seminar.

Always make sure that it relates to growing your online business.

Your airfare and hotel for the company period are deductible. 50% of meals during the period together with business activity are deductible.

Reviewing personal expenses can create additional tax reductions Items used for your business.

Such as:

  • like computer,
  • printer,
  • office supplies,
  • seminars,
  • association dues,
  • and business publications could be deducted.
  • Long distance business telephone calls



Self employed persons could deduct the entire price of medical health insurance coverage premiums.

Importantly, great recordkeeping for tax reductions does require effort.

The federal taxation savings make it worth the effort.

Cost segregation produces tax reductions and reduces federal income taxes throughout the nation and in every size market.

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Here are only a few samples examples to tell you what can I claim on my taxes self employed.

Take action on the tips here today so you won’t have to put it off any longer!

Faithful in your success!

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