Spotlight Interview: Social Media Marketing Expert Geniene Lane!

Geniene & Kimra Luna, San Antonio, TX
Geniene & Kimra Luna, San Antonio, TX

1. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Please tell us a bit
about yourself and what you do currently…

My name is Geniene Lane. I run a Social Media Marketing agency called Social Success.

What’s different about my approach to managing clients is that I have a background in Performing Arts and Film. Those who visit me on LinkedIn notice right away, there is an entire chunk of my career under the label ‘Actress & Singer’. Some still know me for my pop vocals as a Recording Artist


Since then, I apply some of the tentpoles of filmmaking, like storytelling and having an eye for visual aesthetics, to the art of producing engaging social media. Having thrived as an Actress also allows me to apply my familiarity with publicity to get clients their desired results. I call it the three P’s – Promotions, Publicity and PR – all of which transpire between a client and their “fans” on each of the platforms. I can’t do it all, all the time, but some of my specialities include Organic social growth and Instagram account growth.


2. What inspired you to start doing your own business venture?

You know, I love those sayings around the idea that in any industry, only a small percentage
of people are serious and will go on to be successful. I choose industries where I know I’m
one of those people.


3. What has been your biggest achievement so far?


As a person, having written and recorded my first album, which produced a hit record was
spectacular when it occurred!

In the business of managing clients for social media, I worked with a client early on who
was a luxury e-commerce retailer and high-end luxury products don’t exactly fly off the
shelf. There’s a lot of semantics involved to word things properly and compel a high ticket
purchase. So I was just doing things that I went to college for, not specific to internet
marketing or something, but in capturing a concept, articulating it in a way that resonates
with the viewer and of course copywriting it in all the touchpoints of that person’s business.

This is inside baseball speak, but the ROI was more than 14x’s the performance
of the e-commerce shop before it was rewritten. And with that, I was a believer that
everyone needs this in their business whether the product is a diamond ring, a car or a


4. What are you working on for this year?

Well, I live in a beautiful locale, a warm climate, and I’m inspired to take advantage of
the outdoors to showcase just about anything. Since I’m still working with clients, I’ll
probably get behind the camera a good bit to produce work that is slightly longer form.


5. What fuels you to keeps you going each day?

Good people. So important. My advice to the entrepreneurial is that if you find a sweet
spot, where you’re good with or you enjoy the overall nature of what you do, then there’s
a vibrancy to all of your interactions with the people you encounter in your business.
Accept the grunt work, or find a way to get it done so you can live that “best life” that
everyone is always talking about!


6. Who are the top 3 celebrities/experts you’d love to work with? And why?

Oh wow. I can’t name someone at the moment. But I look for focus, professionalism and
exceptional talent.


7. Take a moment to close your eyes. Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time?

Well, online media, meaning video and film that people access online is closely related to
what I do now, since there is a lot of crossover involved in the production of quality social
media. So, I’ll probably segue by returning to my roots and open a film division of my

The quality of the script is the lynchpin of great films, and I’m so inspired in recent times
by films that did this well. Insightful, with a serious grasp on the concept and Oscar
calibre resonance. I look for talent constantly amidst people I work with. And that’s the
kind of screenplay I’m looking for.


8. Who or what is your greatest love?

Oh, I’m family oriented. Close friends can be like family as well.


9. What book do you recommend most to others?

One of my favourite books is actually not a business book at all. It’s a novel called ‘Trading
Up’, by Candace Bushnell. The pathology of the main character puts you in touch with the
way the world has gone. She, the protagonist, grappled with happiness to the extent that
she often skipped steps in order to retain elements of her life. At the same time, her
interests were so sorely neglected by those closest to her, it explained why she rushed to
judgement resulting in one entanglement after the next. Though, from the outside she
would appear to be someone “keeping up”. I think an entrepreneur can get a lot out of
the profile of characters in a high stakes game.


10. If you could get the perfect help from an online tax return service, what would
they do for you?

I always value personal attention. And automation of basic things that give people


11. Can you give our readers 2 key tips for staying focused on their success?

1. Have a mental list of your top three priorities and pivot on a daily basis between the
importance of these things. Even if you struggle, stay reminded of your motivation.

2. You have got to expand on your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you’re the kind of
person to create vision boards, if you join a brainstorming group, or even if certain
get-a-ways keep you nimble – Expand, expand, expand so you can apply, apply,


12. Where is your happy place?

I live in a town, where fitness and beauty are oh-so-important. I get preeetty into it when
I work out. I read an article that asked if Soulcycle is like a religion because of how
obsessed people are with it. I wouldn’t go that far! But I get in the zone and come alive on
a whole other level during Pilates. A full body workout involving being alert and
instinctive. I enjoy going there.

I’ve gotten lost in New York city, although I was raised in the region, and those
experiences are priceless. Spontaneity, discovery, and the unexpected. They’re important
in work. They’re important in life.


13.If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things what would
they be?

A cell phone, sunscreen and healthy snacks, in that order.


14. How do you describe yourself in 5 words?

Charismatic, happy, a visionary, sense of humor, exceptional.


15. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Where can we find
and follow you online?


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