In the Spotlight: LA Director Bo Starks

Hey Bo Starks, I’m very excited to be speaking with a director with a background in the hip hop music industry! Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started?

I first started in Philly in with a local reality series called “The Hood Trekker.” It was a really huge show in Philly and almost made it to the national level. When the show didn’t get syndicated I used music to save me from depression, all music is the blues. A couple years later I moved to LA to commit myself fully to the industry. I connected with a couple cool professionals and here we are.

I watched the season sizzler for City of Dream: LA and I love it! Tell the people what it’s about in a nutshell…

COD:LA is about 6 women that leave everything they love behind to pursue their “dream careers” in Hollywood. It follows Actors, Singers, Models, and even some groupies. It shows their struggles, failures, and successes. It has loads of drama and tons of talent.

I’m from the UK so maybe it’s new to me… but there seems to be a stereotype of ‘LA Girls’ (and guys) – what do you think about this? (Hint: J-Cole – No Role Modelz)

J Cole was spot on. A lot of people out here want to get on so bad they will do anything to get closer to their dream.  Plus these people actors they can act like they like you but its just a role to them. I love it, I think its funny but you can get hurt on the road to stardom.

You also have something BIG happening this year! What type of person should watch your feature film ‘Love or Laughs’?

Everybody will watch Love Or Laughs! But its will be especially influential to 23-43 men and women that live in the city. Love Or Laughs is about a several friends that meet online and set up a group date for them all to meet and mingle. LOL is fun and action packed. Its set in Hollywood so it trendy and sexy but it also has extreme comedy and lots of action. It’s a big film.

You have some major players who want to distribute your film. What would be your ideal strategy?

Ideally I would like Love Or Laughs to show in theatres nationally. Love Or Laughs is a date film, after you watch it you’re going to want to go out and eat,  have drinks, or party. It would also be good to sign with a major since we also make television programs. We have the resources to finance our own projects but as a writer, I liked to write super budget films too. In one year we on everybody’s radar so we’re just going to keep working and stay passionate.

Some of our readers are into music, media and marketing – can you give our readers 1 tip for staying confident in front of the camera?

This isn’t for everybody but if it’s for you just remember that “this is what you do!” Don’t fake your self out. Know what you like doing and do it. You can get rich doing what ever you like.

What do you love the most about the work that you do?

I like to see ideas come to life from nothing. I like to work with talented and passionate people and generating synergy. I like the craftsmanship and artistry that it takes to make high value projects. I love it all, even the obstacles.

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you pick to take with you?

That depends on if the world is over and there is nothing else to come back too. But I was stuck forever I would need something to write on, a knife and a lighter. I’m a super hero I’d be cool.

 Please take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the incredible future in front of you. What is the BIGGEST goal you would like to achieve?

To help the whole world know the purpose of life.

 Lastly, where can we find and view your shows online?

At or follow me on twitter @goodmoneybo that’s where I post at lot of our trailers, sizzlers, and updates at soon as they break.

Thanks that was hard, had me closing my eyes and stuff. Lol Thanks again!!! A Blast!!

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