Spa Night at Home by Yourself | 7 Tips

You don’t have to leave the house if you want to feel good and treat yourself. In fact, you can get one of the best spa experiences in the privacy of your own bathroom. How awesome is that sound? With the right beauty products and a few DIY tips, you can transform your evening into a 5-star experience.

After a long week of work, school, or whatever else will fill your schedules, do you do what you deserve and who will treat you better as the queen that you are?

In this article you will get 7 amazing tips to help you create a wonderful spa night at home by yourself. Start your perfect spa night at home with these seven easy steps to a relaxing night.

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1. Set a Mood

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Have you noticed that even the most luxurious SPAs don’t feel the same as home? Turn your bathroom, bedroom, or living room into a luxury hotel by getting your own portable sauna. The one shown is above is similar to the one Ruth uses at home.

spa night portable sauna Ruth Noel

Creating a spa experience is all about the environment. Set the mood for your spa day by turning to your favorite tame playlist, buy yourself a tasty drink (champagne is always recommended), and light some of your favorite seasonal candles. By creating the perfect space, you can help yourself dive deeper to relax and set the stage for your personal beauty day.

Pro Tip: Throw some hand towels into the dryer too. When used wet, these small towels are perfect for opening pores in front of a mask or for smoothing the cut before manicure/pedicure.

2. Start With Soothing Products

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Don’t underestimate the power of good aromatherapy. To start your spa day, stop by the showers and search for beauty products with a relaxing scent. For example, Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner contains a proprietary blend of jojoba, mint, and lavender that helps soothe the senses and leaves you feeling refreshed.

3. Reach For Your Hair Mask

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Once you’ve cleaned your hair, make your conditioning treatment last longer by using a hair mask all over your hair. Not only are they super hydrating for hair, but they can also help smooth and repair dry strands, as well as maximize color retention from colored strands. Talk about win-win in a bottle! Once you apply it, let it soak in for two to five minutes before rinsing it off cleanly.

4. Head to Feet

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While your hair mask is working, reach for an exfoliating glove or body brush to help your skin gently exfoliate from head to toe. To get the most out of this, start at your feet and work your way in circular motions toward your heart. This simple method helps stimulate blood flow while filtering dead skin cells. The combination of the two helps to leave your skin glowing and radiant. Be sure to apply a thick moisturizer after you shower to help restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

5. Clay for the Face

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Once your hair is rinsed and skin is exfoliated, it’s time to take a shower and apply your favorite facial mask. It is important to do this step as soon as you get out of the shower, as the steam from the hot water opened your pores. Open pores mean a better chance for the nutrients in your mask to reach the deeper layers of your skin.

Not sure what type of mask to use? The one above is tried and tested by Ruth, the Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay mask. The rich clay will help remove impurities and leave the skin clean. Do you need a little more humidity? Try formulating a mask with the use of vitamin B3 to instantly increase hydration.

6. Get Polished

Spa Night at Home by Yourself 6

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Now is the time for the perfect pedicure. Start by using a pumice stone on rough areas on your feet to help soothe dead skin. Then apply a thick cream to restore the skin’s natural moisture. If desired, you can wrap your feet in warm hand towels to help the lotion penetrate further inward.

This is another one tried and tested by Ruth. After trying an electric scrub, the spinning pumice included with the 7 in 1 facial cleansing brush is the best way to go. It comes with 5 heads for the face and improving circulation and 2 for the body and nails.

7. Rest

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Once your toes are polished, your body is scrubbed, and your hair is wet, it’s time to hit the pillow. One of the most important aspects of any beauty routine is quality sleep. If you like, you can put on some headphones and listen to a relaxing mediation, or sound bath, on YouTube. Re-energize and raise your positive vibes.

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Before you go, I hope this above article about spa night at home by yourself is helpful and informational for you.

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