Side Jobs For Men


Are you trying to make some extra cash for your family? Have free time you don’t know what to do with? Trying to develop or hone a new skill? You should consider getting a side gig and there are many side jobs for men.

Below we have listed the proven and well-paid jobs that you can find online and work as a freelancer.


Check out the 8 proven side jobs for men ideas right now:


1) Project Manager

Pay: Up to $43 an hour
Type of flexibility: freelance, Part-time

Description: Customers who desire a specific project handled from start to finish sometimes hire project managers with experience.

They may oversee the project through execution, coordinate with all participants, monitor budgets, and troubleshoot issues.

If you have some experience or qualifications in project management this can a great transition for you.


2) Project Archivist

Pay: Up to $26 an hour
Type of flexibility: Part-time

Description: Museums and departments at various organizations sometimes seek archivists for project-based work to help them with a backlog of materials.

A master’s degree in archives management and records experience is required.


3) Marketing Specialist

Pay: Up to $26 an hour
Type of flexibility: Part-time freelance

Description: Marketing specialists are sometimes hired on a part-time, temporary, or project-specific basis.

Duties include creating and supporting communications and marketing strategies and creating marketing materials and outreach programs.

Background and education in communications or a similar discipline and a bachelor’s degree are typically required.

The rundown; nearly every online marketing job is considered flexible (rather than full time) and pay at least twice the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.


4) Web Designer

Pay: Up to $32 an hour
Type of flexibility: Part-time

Description: Web designers are responsible for the websites’ elements.

Designers create, update, and manage web-design elements, and they will need to have excellent client-relations skills in addition to design experience.

This is very popular and in high demand all around the world.


5) Software Developer

Pay: Up to $30 an hour
Type of flexibility: Flexible schedule, part-time, telecommute

Description: Software-development jobs are offered part-time, and one of the most in-demand positions available today and project-based work.

Depending on the gig, you might be updating existing websites, creating templates, helping to create other tasks that are related, or websites and programs.


6) Video Reviewer

Pay: Up to $25 an hour
Type of flexibility: Part-time, telecommute

Description: Video-reviewer jobs are a part-time way to use your skills and expertise for income.

Video reviewers observe and evaluate teachers’ educational and classroom performance from around the country, who send videos of these for review.

Alternatively, you can review websites online and record a video explaining your opinions to get compensated very well.


7) Accountant

Pay: Up to $25 an hour
Type of flexibility: freelance, Part-time

Description: Though this is thought of as apart job accountants can discover a part-time job helping businesses with taxes, reporting, and accounting functions.

Some bookkeeping side gigs help businesses, and individuals complete their taxes while others are responsible more for daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping tasks.


8) Video Games

Pay: Up to $10 an hour
Type of flexibility: Work at home, part-time

Description: This is an easy option that many people do on the side to earn extra cash.

You can register for various apps and websites and get paid to play games. Sounds easy!

The pay will be a lot less than a professional job, but getting paid to play games and have fun can’t hurt, right?



In summary, these are some of the top paying side jobs for men to help you move forward.

Chances are that if you’re reading this you already have an idea at the back of your mind.

Take action now on the next steps for your success.

Faithful in your success!

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