How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything: 8 Tips on How to Make Money From Home

Anyone who is looking for fast and simple ways about how to make money online without paying anything should follow these suggestions to make it successful and rewarding.

Let’s get down to it…


1) Learn how to start a freelancing business:

This is much easier than you might think if you desire to learn how to make money online without paying anything.

It is so easy to sign up to join frelancing sites for free.

You may use freelancing websites to find the jobs and skills that are in high demand and then set yourself up to provide these services.

Of course, you must have a basic skill that you use to help other small business owners.

The good thing is you can do it from almost anywhere in the world.

For example, to be an article writer, you don’t need a degree in journalism.

Simply the ability to write as you would talk and with very few spelling and grammar errors.

Another example, to be a virtual assistant you need to have the ability to make phone calls, organize meetings, complete data entry and plan aead.

Moreover, to start doing bookkeeping work all you need is basic math skills and you can learn from the Freshbooks and Xero videos.

Everyone does this when they are newbies so why not get paid to do it too?

These are simply some ideas on the best way best to make money from home; there are many more.


2) Take advantage of advertising sites:

Of course, there are plenty of ways to find and attract customers including search engine optimization method, Facebook ads, LinkedIn and more.

As well as, AdWords, offline advertising and other network marketing methods.

When you are just starting, however, the easiest and quickest way to find clients is through freelancer sites.

The customers are there, ready and waiting with work that needs doing.

This is a superb way to get your business started.

And you can always come back to the traditional procedures of finding customers at a later date.


3) Always follow up:

When you have a lead from a prospective client, always try and keep them interested.

Send an email every now and again to “check in” and see if they want to proceed with the job.

Provide a half price trial to get the ball rolling (I do this, and it works well).

When you submit a proposal on a job displayed on a freelancing site, always follow up with the purchaser if no one was awarded the project.

Often they have simply not got around to picking someone, and the gentle nudge is an excellent help.

Noteworthy, its possible to how to make money online without paying anything but you do need to put a lot of effort to get your business off the ground.


4) Provide free work or half price trials:

This may seem counter-intuitive, but frequently when I’ve done a small amount of half-priced or special offer promotions, it’s paid off in the future with a huge order.

Although you might not like receiving no immediate payment your hard work and effort, think long term and what the future may bring.


5) Be clear on your prices and bulk discounts:

Having clear cut rates is important.

Clients need to know where they stand and what they’re getting for their money.

It’s much more time and cost effective to keep a client than go out and find another, so you need to keep the one or ones you have as long as possible.

By offering bulk discounts, discounts on repeat work or a staggered payment system you’re more likely to keep your client.

For instance, as an article writer you might offer a staggered rate system for example:
10 – 20 posts – $20 per article
21 – 30 posts – $17 per post
31 – 40 posts – $14 per post

This encourages them to offer you a greater amount of work.

You could also offer an x% discount on the next project.

Be a bit creative but try and keep it as straightforward as possible.


6) Offer ongoing services to your customers:

As mentioned already, as soon as you have a client you really must keep them.

By offering ongoing services, you also stand in good stead for hanging on to them.

By way of instance, if you’re an SEO article writer, you could offer an ongoing monthly package that included a package of articles and submissions to article directories also.

In the event you were a virtual assistant, you could provide a monthly package deal that included x number of tasks carried out (making reservations, doing market research, making phone calls, etc.) for a fixed price.

In the event, you were a web designer you could provide continuing web updating and maintenance or even server hosting.

Lastly, as an SEO consultant, you could provide continuing social media marketing or onsite optimization.

When I was learning how to make money online for free, this was among the most useful information I learnt.


7) Carry out email campaigns to locate clients:

It might seem a little bit scary at first, but as I call it “cold emailing” is a great way to find clients.

Yes, you’re probably going to get a lot of rejection.

But if you want how to make money online without paying anything you have to go through the hurdles and do it to imrpove life for you and lour loved ones.

Subsequently, Iinclude in the email who you are, what services you provide and most importantly how these can be of advantage to them.

Some emails will be ignored!

Others will be replied to with thanks but no thanks, but a few will come back and request your rates.

At this time you need to market yourself so make sure you have your deliverables in front of you along with your services and rates organized.


8) Start a blog:

Everyone always gives this advice, but it does work.

You don’t need your domain name and hosting in the beginning.

But you will do after a few months.

A number of the most prosperous blogs started in (although my recommendation is to start strong with

Setting up a blog at blogger takes no time whatsoever.

Here are some easy ideas…

You can either blog about an aspect of your life, setting up the business perhaps, being productive, learning a new trade or overhauling your life somehow.

Or you could consider an aspect of your new business to blog about.

By way of instance, if you’re setting out as a freelance graphic designer/web developer/finance specialist/author, you might want to blog about the latest news in the area.

Alternatively, as a virtual assistant, you can go for interesting information and stories about being or working with a virtual assistant.

Finally, be yourself and try not to be worried about doing evrything perfectly.

It is better to make a start on how to make money online without paying anything instead of proscrastinating.


Faithful in your success!

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