Truck Driver Tax Preparation Software

Truck Drivers:

Did you know you can get truck driver tax preparation software easily online? Yes, I will tell you more about it below.

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This is a spreadsheet truck driver accounting program. It is simple, economical and saves you headache hours when trying to deduct your expenses, and all your other expenses are “rounded up” for accounting and tax purposes.

You enter:

Include your categories: up to 3 income items and up to 25 cost categories
One thousand miles (loaded and empty)
your fuel costs
Truck maintenance and other expenses.
Commercial deductions
Almost any cost category you want. It is customizable so you can enter your own categories too!

Tax Software:

Tax software such as TaxSlayer, TurboTax, TaxCut or Tax Act allows taxpayers to promote their taxes online or through their local computer. For truck drivers, the use of tax software must be carefully weighed because there are some fiscal problems that truck drivers face that a truck tax specialist could address in a better way. Cost savings are often applied using tax software through tax deductions for lost trucks or red flags that can result in audits. If a truck driver chooses to use tax software to prepare his driver’s income taxes, he must check IRS 463 for the majority of the IRS rules that he must comply with.


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More About Tax Software for Truck Drivers:

 Do you want to make software but make taxes or keep records? If you want to get something for taxes, then any software that works taxes. If you are looking for software to save money, you can check Truckn Pro.

I have some specific software packages for the truck industry and I prefer Truckn Pro, mainly because of its simplicity. It will do everything he needs to calculate fuel taxes and the bill. He has the route. It will track the costs of the truck, maintenance, etc, both on the truck and on the trailer.

You also have the ability to use it for kilometers or miles or a percentage in income calculations. I like how you can print reports. A good feature is that you can see immediately how good you are. You can have so many trucks and trailers without paying more. They offer a trial version that you can try online.

Easy Trucking Software is another great option for you.

It will calculate everything, including IFTA miles and billing. There are features that I like about this software, but it is not as friendly as Trucknpro. If you do not need IFTA calculations, you can consider Truckn Pro. Easy Trucking offers a limit on the number of trucks that you can insert into your software to five, although they offer a version that can add up to 100, as I recall. The problem with your proprietary operator version is that you will have to remove some driver information if it has more rotation for the software to work properly if you don’t buy the most expensive version.

The only difference between the two is the number of trucks you can have in the registry. They used a trial version.

Another one we tried is Helper Truckers.

Some versions are available from the driver to the small fleet owner. I like some of the features that include making points and some ways to calculate payroll compensation or driver compensation. Some people feel that it is more complicated to use than the other two I have noticed. Depending on the version, it will do everything you need. There was a time when I had a trial version that you can download online.




An advantage of each of these three programs is that they were developed by truck drivers. There are several other programs, but these are the most familiar. I have a couple of friends who bought a Truckn Pro program.

An advantage of buying a specific transportation program is that the amount you need is already separated by you. It helps keep specific expenses separate. All accounting is, in general, the same. Truck Driver transport has unique things and saves configuration time and helps you avoid something that would otherwise be lost. You can use a spreadsheet, but you usually need some time to fix everything and you can always lose something.

To end, I hope that this helps you with picking out the right truck driver tax preparation software.



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