Self-Made Me: Why Being Self-Employed Beats Everyday Employment

Employment has had its day. The deal has been broken — standard employment no longer offers the job security and fancy benefits it once did. It’s time to stop working for someone else, stop letting someone else profit from your skills and branch out on your own. Geoff Burch, the straight-talking, no-nonsense, ambassador for self-employment, is here to show you exactly how to make sure you earn what you’re worth and get the lifestyle you want.
In Self-Made Me you will learn…

• How to ensure self-employment is right for you
• The benefits of self-employment
• How to research your market before you start
• How to best name your enterprise and get the brand right
• How to win more business as a self-employed person and find opportunities
• And much more…

Geoff will show you the tricks, the techniques, the must-dos, the never-dos, the secrets and the pitfalls of becoming a self-made you.


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