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Amazon Echo Spot is a more compact device of Echo show. It is smaller and stylish with functions almost the same as the Echo show. With the Alexa app, you can send a command to your Echo spot to let you play music, make video/voice call, check weather updates and more!

It also offers a hands-free voice control to your music and even displays the song lyrics and albums using Amazon Music. Echo Spot can also play music from other apps and devices using Bluetooth-enabled of your smartphone or tablet. If you are using smart home appliances such as lights, TVs, fans, sprinklers, cameras and more are compatible with your Echo Spot, you can control multiple devices in scheduled times without lifting a finger.

Get the latest info of your favorite news, movie trailers, shows and other latest updates with the use of Alexa app using the command, “Alexa, show me” and what you want to view. Designed in the best compact way, the Echo Spot can fit on your nightstand. You can use it as your smart alarm clock.

Price: $99.99

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