Best Tablet For Students UK 2019

Best Tablet For Students UK 2019

Are you looking for the best tablet for students UK? In this article, we’ll give you a quick summary and the top 3 picks.

Most universities and colleges require computers, and several students assume they need to purchase laptops during back to school season.

That’s a mistake in a way – as there is a tablet option as an alternative.

In all fairness, laptops are the best alternative for people who needed a PC which may be used in the laboratory, the library, the course room, and a dorm room.

But times have changed. Most work and homework tasks are done in the cloud now via the internet.

You can choose a flexible without having to sacrifice performance and it will be more portable.


1) Apple iPad Air

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Quick Stats –
Screen Size: 10.5-inches

Capacity: 64GB

Battery Life: 10hrs

Price Range: £459


Thinking about the best tablet for students UK, when the iPad Air was introduced, it was dismissed by some as a toy.

It is a more expensive option here, but isn’t it just beautiful?

Many internet-lovers called it an intake device: something handy for watching video reading web sites, or playing games, but useless for work.

The justification for all these beliefs was shaky then, and Apples iPad has become more capable in the years transforming to a laptop computer replacement for pupils.

This change was finished by Ms Office for the iPad’s release.

Students who need to work from the file that is popular formats such as .docx. Xlsx, and .pptx can do this on an Apple iPad Air.


2) Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 – Google Android

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Quick Stats –
Screen Size: 12.2 inches

Capacity: 32GB

Battery Life: 13hrs

Price Range: £599

Though the Google Android edition of Office is still in evolution, rather several people use a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and other high-end versions to take the place of a notebook.

Cheap and helpful productivity programs for iOS and Android’s collections go beyond Office the iPad is popular in education, and there’s an array of applications that is accessible.

3) Microsoft Surface Pro 3

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Quick Stats –
Screen Size: 12-inches

Capacity: 128GB 

Battery Life: 2-4 hours

Price Range: £509

The situation is even more clear-cut when speaking about Windows tablets.

Models such as that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are as capable as any notebook computer running Windows, also come in designs that best fit the college lifestyle.

Every Tablet Is a 2-in-1.

A traditional notebook computer is basically a clamshell that’s half screen also half computer keyboard.

Whenever you would like to enter a whole lot of text, a computer keyboard is a great thing to have, but it’s in the way for almost anything else you use a PC for.

You cannot rip the keyboard off a laptop computer whenever you would like to draw or draw on it or take handwritten notes.



There’s no way to take the computer keyboard off whenever you would like to lighten the load in the bag, or whenever you will need to lean back and read a few hundred pages of an eBook by tomorrow morning.

In summary, there are numerous reasons why tablets became so popular.

If needed, you may add a computer keyboard to an iPad Air or Surface Pro 3 when its time to write a term paper, but leave the accessory in your dorm whenever you would like to handwrite your class notes.

In addition, a computer keyboard can be added to ANY tablet, and several are sold with them.

Companies such as Logitech also Belkin make add-on ones for both Apple models, while Samsung also Microsoft make keyboards for their very own devices.

Think Outside the Laptop Bag – Occasionally people make the mistake of purchasing an inexpensive laptop computer on that the assumption that all computers are practically the same.

But if you want to go for an easy to carry tablet we have listed 3 options for the best tablet for students UK.


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