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Smart Speaker with an Art

The world's first smart pixel speaker! Superior sound quality smart bluetooth speaker with extra BASS. A world class 3” 5-watts speaker professionally tuned by Divoom.

Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth 4.0 Smart LED Speaker
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Advanced notification system, provides instant on-screen notification for: incoming call, Facebook/Tweeter updates and other social media events. LOTS FUN, and great for any indoor or backyard BBQ party

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The Divoom Aurabox is a quirky smart speaker in a cheap price range. This is very cute that it has 100 LED lights that you can customize using an app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Aurabox is compatible with Android and iOS7. It has different functions that you can enjoy and even personalize. The LED light can be set up as a regular alarm clock, light show when you play music, speakerphone. It also has a sleep aid mode where you can play music or activate the white noise for better sleeping. It can also show notifications on the LED from your social media platform. And the highlight for this is the Pixel Art Creation – you can choose from the list of default pixel art or you can create your own.

Though it doesn’t have an Alexa or Siri voice command features, Divoom Aurabox is smart in its own way. If you’re looking for a present, try considering Aurabox as your cute and personalize gift to your loved ones.

Price: $39.90

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