Real Cash Register Apps

Real Cash Register Apps: What is a cash register application?

Real cash register apps can be used by small businesses and start-ups around the world.

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Cash program applications, POS applications or POS applications for cash, however, the company chooses to describe it (but more on that later), all of them are created with a single central purpose; Offer small business owners a simple and simple way to make sales and track money.

A point of sale system is a modern and modern version of a traditional cash register.  The point is that the cash register is a simple concept or “registration.” It is now a general term for the hardware or software in this case, used to carry out the verification process in storage. Some of the cash register applications on the market are very simple and show the functionality of the silver program or the glorified calculated functionality. You can use it to combine prices, make a real change, and that’s why. Others have greater functionality that is more common in a POS system or a POS application in this case.


1: Cash Register Express Lite for Android

This application is designed to quickly calculate sales and determine change quickly without making mistakes. It is very powerful, but it is very easy to use. It only takes a minute to set up a list of items. In addition, the discount tax and / or sales for sale are indicative. The design of the application is what makes the sales transaction quick and accurate. When a customer orders an item, contact the button for that item the number of times they requested. This eliminates any mathematical error that could waste time and money. The free application creates a list of up to 2 items. The full version will allow up to 9 items.


2: Cash Register Supermarket Manager for Android

Welcome to the grocery shopping mania, one of the best games in supermarket management, try shopping girl, fulfill your duties as a cash program that manages the cashier as a supermarket manager, inspects the store, the delivery manager and customers and have one of the best services at check desks, this supermarket is the best of children. The supermarket in this paradise is the best shopping center in the city, with many cash counters and a section with a crazy cash program.


3: Cash Register – FREE for Android

Do you have another option to include items for food stalls, garage sales or any other type of sales? This money program gives the solution! Usually, space and power supply do not deal with large sales to fill a large cash register. However, sales personnel can use the technology available to everyone: use the cash register application and turn your smartphone into a cash register!I look forward to the next updates: we are working on an option that allows some cashiers to send the items simultaneously. Then it is clear that this application will facilitate the allocation of the items entered in the cashier respectively and, therefore, facilitates your account at the time of closing.


4: POS System- Cash Register for Android

Have you just established a company and want to provide a cash register for a point of sale or a mobile booth that is not too convenient to buy and install? This application works perfectly in small restaurants and stores and gets good comments from mostly users. What is the reason for this? Simply observe the simple functions of the application and its advantages:
Use a device and equipment with which you are familiar.  The additional advantage: the printer connects via Bluetooth, you can easily print statistics or invoices. Therefore, you are ready to start immediately without any new installation other than cable drilling.


5: Bitcoin Cash Register (BCH) for Android

This simple point of sale allows you to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments at any retail store. What you need is a public key or an extended public key that is linked to your wallet to get payments from Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


  • Easy to set up: no account and no registration required
  • Immediate and secure payment thanks to Bitcoin Cash
  • Payment with QR code compatible with all Bitcoin Cash wallets
  • Friendly employee: sites can only be accessed through the PIN code
  • The amount shown in local currency: more than 150 coins accepted
  • The transaction history on the device is encrypted
  • The client’s rate is less than 1 cent per independent payment of the amount

Start accepting Bitcoin Cash today and promote more economic freedom in the world.


6: Bonrix Cash Register POS for Android

 Bonrix Retail Desk Cash Program is a POS (point of sale) application based on Android for tablets and mobile phones for quick sales and quick printing. It is essentially a strong replacement or replacement of an electronic cash register or an electronic billing machine with different limits. The cash register application has advantages of Android based on a simple configuration of items, prices and taxes. There is another advantage of the freedom to choose a device, such as a tablet or a handheld mobile phone, or to say that it has a thermal receipt printer or a dot matrix receipt printer.


In summary, these are 6 recommendations for downloading real cash register apps.


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