Money Transfer Apps That Accept Prepaid Cards

A Short Guide To Money Transfer Apps That Accept Prepaid Cards

Do you want to find the money transfer apps that accept prepaid cards? I have researched the best ones and I share it below, check it out.

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Money Transfer and Prepaid Cards

Transmitting money to a cherished one from a distance is harder in practice if you live in different countries.

Firstly, the sender pays the service fee, completes a form and wait for the money to be transferred which can take a while.

From the recipient’s part, he/she must also go to the Money Transfer Service Branch from his/her location, complete a form and provide the tracking number to obtain the money.

Not only are money transfer prices high with some companies but the transaction may take time to complete.

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Additionally, when sending a lot of money to distances that are prolonged add to this, there is a concern about safety.

On the other and, today consumers have a big in making money transfers.

Did you know that you could save significant costs by using prepaid debit cards?

Prepaid debit cards are available for anyone, regardless of his/her credit rating.

Even people with poor credit history may get a prepaid card without any hassle.

The cardholder can start using it or sending money everywhere on the planet after the card was issued.

Here are the top 15 choices for money transfer apps and prepaid cards:

  1. Skrill – Prepaid Mastercard Available
  2. PayPal
  3. Paysend
  4. Circle PayPrepaid cards accepted
  5. Google Pay
  6. WUBS Prepaid
  7. ePayments Prepaid Mastercard
  8. NETELLER – Prepaid card services
  9. Xoom Money Transfer
  10. Western Union
  11. Transfast
  12. Cash App
  13. Transferwise
  14. USEND
  15. SendWave


Advantages Of Using a Prepaid Card For Money Transfers

Of course, the recipient must also apply for a prepaid debit card to receive the money from his/her account.

Typically, there’s no service fee or transaction fee involved when receiving or sending money provided that both the sender and the receiver use the bank card.

You can visit your bank and make the deposit, you need to send money or you may transfer funds from the savings account.

You can transmit money anytime nowadays, straight from your very own computer or phone since most of the prepaid bank card issuers provide the internet banking alternative.

Shortly after the time of the transfer, the receiver can automatically withdraw the cash from the closest automated teller machine or use the prepaid bank card for paying bills or purchases.

It can take you no more than a couple of seconds to finish the transaction.

Individuals who need to send cash to a cherished one who lives from afar on a daily basis should definitely get a prepaid card.

For example, parents who have to send allowance for their kids in college or boarding schools can benefit to a great extent from a prepaid bank card.

If you live in the United States, you could send money transfers to somebody who lives in a different state or outside the US virtually free.

Prepaid debit cards are now supported by key credit card Networks like VISA, MasterCard and American Express so that they can be recognized wherever these logos are accepted globally.

Lastly, are you a home business owner with freelancers or independent contractors working to you?

If yes, why not send them their earnings with a prepaid card?

Even when you have in house employees, you can manage the payroll more easily by sending monthly salaries with a prepaid card.


There Are More Ways to Send Money than Ever Before

Regardless of whether you have to send your companion $25 for a show pass or your contractual worker $5,000 for a robust home fix there’s an application that is capable.

Actually the most troublesome piece of sending money nowadays might be persuading your friends and family to use the app.

The most genuine are from PayPal, Google and Facebook.


In summary, there are various money transfer apps that accept prepaid cards and I hope that this has helped you with saving money.

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