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Around 5 years of experience in the blogger and influencer scene reminds me of how many hurdles had to be overcome, how much work had to be done, how much courage and perseverance had to be applied to be here today. 

I look back on a time of growth and joy because this blog has brought me back to my roots through a difficult time and a little more in recent years. Now I focus on sharing the special offers that we have and that’s a core feature that people enjoy.

When I work behind the scenes, I helped a lot of clients get many high-ranking evergreen business posts on I’ve also published interviews with musicians and entrepreneurs, and we have a special section for tech and gadgets.

And as a result, it has been a blessing to gain additional income by collaborating with big websites and companies, and other creatives around the world to promote their services.

And for many occasions, the site earns over $100 or more for publishing one article. As the owner growing my own legacy this is exciting and I am thankful for this to continue growing in the years to come as we build a platform to provide helpful information. And there is a fusion with my style and experiences.

If you are reading this, you can do the same thing too on your own path. And it doesn’t have to be business blogging like me (unless you like that). Here’s a great example of a great food blogger and influencer.

You can create content that you enjoy on any network – YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and so much more. When you stick at it you can find opportunities to get paid online.

Now I am growing as an influencer on Facebook and Instagram. Instagram leads to many more opportunities that feel good to showcase my tastes in fashion and fitness (and I can show more of who I am).

As a blogger and influencer, you can move towards what you want to and have fun while you’re doing it.

My Instagram Community

In my Instagram community, I meet a lot of people with a similar passion for creative and social media topics. It is incredibly inspiring to see that everyone goes their own path.

Despite some of the obstacles and setbacks that a blog or influencer business brings with it, you may as well be consistent if you enjoy it. As in any job, the job of blogger and influencer is not always a picnic. 

The topic of creating content and being an influencer is always interesting for my readers. That’s why I’m writing today about the mistakes I made in my time as a blogger and influencer. 

With this, I would like to encourage everyone who wants to find a place in the community and show that we are all human, make mistakes and get up again.

If you want to grow your Instagram find people creating similar content and engage with them.

That always sounds very simple, but it’s incredibly important for Instagram.

 Instagram is designed to be very visual and they also lie it to feel like a community.

 In the last five years, I have tried a lot and have found that whenever I stop being consistent it’s harder to grow.

So do your best to have a routine and see yourself as a professional behind the scenes and don’t get distracted by cat videos or twerking.

Find your inspiration

As a blogger and influencer, I have to agree that in the past the profession of blogger or influencer did not exist. 

But now there are now numerous training courses and more and more self-employed people in this professional field. Athletes, musicians, and fashionistas make great influencers.

For years I have been following some inspiring blogs and influencers myself and how often have I been inspired by my colleagues, have inspired myself and even supported many, especially smaller companies and start-ups.

The acceptance in society for blogs and Instagram has made it possible for many people to turn their passion into a profession through a blog or Instagram account. Demand still determines supply so read the next tip.

You should know your target group

Focusing on blogging, I actually got into this topic very late. Quite selfishly, I only ever thought about what I thought was useful. I didn’t ask if my readers liked it, but now I am focusing on publishing all topics instead of keeping them in my head because experts predict that more people will be searching for information in the years ahead.

Plus, the more I researched into the issues that affect will help my audience, the more growth there is. 

Lastly, on Instagram, it’s always helpful to ask your community directly about their preferences and keep it simple.

So I found out, for example, that many of my followers are interested in seeing me do reels and they think I look very beautiful when I wear pink!

I hope this helps you on your journey if you are becoming an influencer and you can keep in touch with me via our newsletter, Facebook or Instagram.

Here are 3 resources to help you with becoming a blogger or influencer:

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