Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

So, you want to know how to make money selling your photos and if it is legitimate or not. You can sell photos of yourself online for money. Now your next question is clear. How do I get paid to sell my photos for money?

The good news is that you can pay for your photos. Paying for photos of yourself at first may seem like a scam, but it is not. You can earn money and pay for photos of your daily life. In this post, we will give you a complete guide on how to make money selling photos of yourself.



5 Sites Where You Can Earn From Photos:


1. Pay Your Selfie

Pay Your Selfie will buy your selfies whenever your photo is performing a specific task assigned to you. These selfies help app builders figure out what appeals to you and then sell this information to vendors. These vendors, in turn, gain insight into consumer behavior that helps them sell more devices.

2. SmugMug

At SmugMug, you keep 85 percent of the income from the sale of your images. However, you will need to deduct $ 12.50 per month from the service as they do not offer a free subscription. A great thing about the site is that you will be able to add watermarks to your photos so that no one can take them and claim them as their own.

Another good thing is that you set your own prices instead of telling them what you can charge.

3. Stylinity

Stylinity is a unique site in the sense that it allows you to take “shopping-friendly selfies”. This is where you buy a garment from the site and then have your photo taken using the same item.

In this photo, you will label all the brands you use. If someone buys what you are wearing after clicking your photo for the first time, you get points from the brand manufacturers that you can exchange for cash.


4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the largest stock photo libraries out there, and it didn’t cost a hundred to join. However, you will need to sign a problem before you can start selling your selfies because no one on the site is public for any kind of law.

And you can win an amazing $ 120 for everyone who approves of one of your images! The site has a complex pricing structure, but basically, the more it works, the more profit you make for life, the more you earn for each photo. You can also earn four cents for each photographer you refer to and who signs up to the site. And for every customer you refer to and who buys something, you get 20 percent of your first purchase (up to $ 200).

5. BigStock

BigStock is another photo library where you can sell many of your photos. You can register as a free contributor. After completing your Contributor tutorial, you can start uploading images. Your reviewers will then review your images with a fine comb.

If they can use their photos, they will add them to their collection. She always keeps the copyright of her work, which is good.



Before you go, I hope this above article make money selling photos of yourself is helpful to point you in the right direction.




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