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This Article Contains Data About Life Points Panel Survey.

We’ve looked into various survey and money-making sites such as SwagBucks. They have consistently been a portion of our top picks for winning top points and rewards. Life Points is similar to this.

These two panels originate from Lightspeed, a statistical surveying organization that utilizations study panels to pose inquiries from individuals to help illuminate the organizations that need them.

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Beginning in 2017, Lightspeed started to blend Global Test Market and MySurvey into one panel known as LifePoints.


A few nations got the opportunity to witness the union a while back, however, the merger has as of late begun for panelists in the United States.


As the organizations meet up, it’s been accounted for that Light speed will start eliminating Global Test Market and MySurvey totally.


Panelists, there will naturally be moved over to life points and can resume utilizing their login subtleties there.


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Most studies pay in the scope of 50 to 100 points.

Here Is A Couple Of Ways that LifePoints pay users:

PayPal money

Amazon gift voucher



On the site, you can take paid studies, partake in the network, and even have home item testing chances accessible.


When you do any of these errands, you’ll procure life points, which are the organization’s adaptation of remunerations.


The prizes you get depend for the most part on the length and multifaceted nature of the studies you take.


How Is Lifepoints Different From Global Test Market And Mysurvey?


Albeit, LifePoints is fundamentally the same as its combined panels, it likewise has some key contrasts.


One of the clearest ones is that life points have an altogether progressively current site look.


One of the basic objections about both MySurvey and Global Test Market, which have comparable site arrangements, is that their sites are amazingly obsolete.


To be reasonable, the study locales are both the absolute longest-running on the web, yet there’s no denying that they could utilize an invigorate.


life points have done recently that with its clean, state-of-the-art configuration that is overly simple to explore, making it particularly accommodating for the individuals who aren’t so well informed.


Another significant distinction is that life points have a few different ways to acquire remunerates past reviews, which we’ll get more top to bottom inside a piece.


At long last, not at all like most overview destinations, life points gives its individuals a couple of points notwithstanding when they exclude from a review.


Other comparable locales won’t give you any prizes when you aren’t ready to finish a review.


You won’t gain much from exclusions (normally up to 3 points, for up to 10 points per day) however it’s still superior to getting nothing for your time.


How The Panel Works


Presently, we should get into how life points functions, so you can choose in the event that it may be the following best panel for you to give it a shot.


Taking Paid Surveys On Lifepoints


Taking paid studies is the principal way you’ll procure points on life points.


Like most panels, you’ll get solicitations by email when another review is accessible.


You can tap the connection in the email to be brought to the overview, where you’ll find out about to what extent the study will take to finish and what number of points you’ll get.


Most reviews will make them qualify questions you’ll have to answer first.


This is to ensure that you’re a correct fit for the review and will, for the most part, be fundamental statistic data, yet will likewise incorporate a few inquiries concerning your side interests, interests, and other data important to that particular study.


On the off chance that you don’t fit the bill for the full review, life points will let you know and will compensate you with a couple of points to thank you for your time.


In the event that you do qualify, you’ll move onto the full study, total it, and get compensated.


All reviews will change in intricacy, length, and topic, contingent upon what customers life points is presently working with.


You’ll normally get paid more for long overviews with a few inquiries than you would short studies.


Most overviews fall inside the 10 and 20-minute range, yet some may take an hour or more.


Your character is totally ensured while you’re taking studies, so you won’t need to stress over anything you offer getting out there on the planet.


When you pursue life points, you’ll first need to round out your profile and take an underlying review.


This review and profile data advises the site regarding your interests, pastimes, exercises, and more that will help it in coordinating you with the privilege overviews.


Take as much time as is needed rounding out this underlying data and guarantee that you’ve rounded it full scale effectively.


The more exact your reactions, the better your odds of getting applicable reviews later on and fitting the bill for the ones you get.


Item Testing


In some cases, you may get requested to test an item in your home as opposed to simply addressing inquiries regarding your enthusiasm for it in a study.


These testing openings will, for the most part, furnish you with a free item and offer you pay for your time testing it.


You’ll have to invest some energy utilizing the item and after that take a subsequent review that requests your conclusions about it.


These open doors aren’t as normal as reviews, however, in case you’re a functioning individual from the site with a rounded out profile, you’ll presumably be one of the primary panelist’s life points picks for them.


Video Surveys


The site in some cases has video reviews where you can impart your insights utilizing your cell phone’s camcorder as opposed to sitting at your PC.


These are useful for organizations who need to see you talk your real contemplations about things that may require more clarification than a content study can give.


Network Boards


The people group discourse sheets on life points are a fun method to win rewards while imparting your insights.


Consider them like studies, just you get the opportunity to communicate truly with different life points individuals having intriguing discussions about the current subjects.


Check out my favourite picks-

You’ll see the prompts given by life points on the correct side of your screen and you can react to the same number of as you wish.


Sweepstakes And Contests


LifePoints once in a while has sweepstakes and challenges for individuals that allow them to win prizes without doing anything besides enter!


Life Points Pay And Rewards


How Does Life Points Compensate?


You’ll win points for each undertaking you complete, regardless of whether it’s a study, network exchange or survey, or an item testing venture.


Most studies pay in the scope of 50 to 100 points.


Preclusions from reviews will give you 2 or 3 points.


Taking part in open surveys and talks ordinarily gives you a couple of points.


Prizes start at only 165 points, which is sufficient for a philanthropy gift.


Different prizes, for the most part, gift vouchers, start at 550 points and up.


Here Is A Couple Of Remunerations Lifepoints Offers:


  • Amazon gift vouchers


  • PayPal money


  • com gift vouchers


  • GameStop gift vouchers


  • iTunes gift vouchers


  • Lowe’s gift vouchers


Joining LifePoints


Joining LifePoints couldn’t be simpler, particularly in case you’re an individual from MySurvey or Global Test Market as of now.


Assuming this is the case, you can essentially utilize your login subtleties from that site to sign in to life points.


Once there, you’ll have to finish your profile poll before you can keep taking other paid reviews.


In case you’re not officially an individual from different destinations, that is all right as well.


Simply click the Join Now connect at the highest point of the page, enter your data, and submit.


life points will send you an email to the location you recorded.


Snap the connection in the email (it may take several hours to appear however make sure to check your spam envelope as well) to confirm your record.


From that point forward, you ought to be taken ideal to the site to round out your first survey and start procuring rewards.


Your profile study should just take around 10 minutes to finish.


Completion that and you’ll get another 10 points for nothing!


When you’re altogether joined, you’ll have the option to begin getting study welcomes sent to your email inbox as they become accessible.


You can likewise check the site to check whether any new ones have been posted.


Life Points Reviews


life points have its upsides and downsides, much the same as some other site of its sort.


I checked a few online audits from individuals who have attempted the panel, and this is what they stated:




A large portion of the negative remarks about life points had to do with the site’s gradualness.


The facts demonstrate that the website, particularly when taking studies, can appear to be a little on the more slow side during specific pieces of the day, presumably during pinnacle periods when more individuals are on the web.


Be that as it may, it’s a long way from being the slowest site out there.


A few individuals have additionally had issues with moderate installments, however, I haven’t seen much notice that they haven’t gotten paid by any stretch of the imagination.


Typically, a brisk email or talk can resolve the issue.


You can discover the contact data for life points on this page.




A lot of individuals have beneficial things to state about life points.


One of the advantages of the site is that there are a lot of remuneration contributions.


This is an individual like of mine since I like having a few choices to browse instead of only a couple.


Another beneficial thing about this site is that there are a few different ways to procure points notwithstanding taking overviews.


I understand that review taking isn’t for everybody, so it’s pleasant to have different roads for gaining points when you aren’t in the state of mind for another study.

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