How to Sell Underwear Anonymously UK

It is easy to sell every product without any hesitation anonymously in today’s digitalized world. The underwear garments can be sold directly to the customers In UK without showing your identity. There are plenty of online platforms where we can easily sell panties and underwear in disguise. 

Further, there are many shy customers who do not come physically to the shops and are eager to purchase underwear anonymously. You can target and facilitate these types of consumers along with others.

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Here are some points on how to sell underwear anonymously in the UK:

Make a Website with Brand Name

At first, you can create your websites with a brand name and not mentioning any of your identity there. It is one of the best methods to find your targeted customers and approach them through a site.

Meanwhile, there are many online platforms where you can chat with our buyers privately and anonymously. 

You can also generate private chats to communicate with your needy consumers who can purchase them from your online shop.

Moreover, whatever a consumer needs, you can avail them within a click of one button on your website. You can deliver their order of panties at the right place with less money and free delivery at the initial stage of your business. Further, you can grow your price over time.

Stay Safe

Safety must be a priority when you are going to sell underwear anonymously. It is due to the fact that you will start using a website with a range of sites to grow your sales and business. It would be best if you are careful whether it is communicating with the consumers or buyers. 

One thing to retain in mind, do not provide your personal address or contact number even in shipping.

You can use other addresses like PO Boxes, and this cost is not regrettable. Therefore, you must be attentive and active during a sale on the various websites and the shipments and deliveries.

Do Not Forget To Say No

In online business, you will get distinct consumers; some of them may result in weird and annoying for you. It would be best if you had to avoid them.

Moreover, it is your shop of underwear, and it is up to you how you want to sell it and how you want to charge.

No one has the right to threaten or convince you to sell at the cheapest and lowest price, which can make your budget decline.

Have confidence, learn to cope with such types of customers, and sell anonymously.


To sum up, it is convenient to sell anonymously, especially underwear.

You only have to give your business or brand a name if you do not have one already.

Create a website on this business name and start selling by being unidentified.

Furthermore, a range of sites is also there, which offers you disguised business promotion and communication services.

You can also opt for them if you have a new business and do not have many customers.

These are the steps if you want to know how to sell underwear anonymously UK and gain profits in disguise.

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